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  Dr_Freemanstein 00:10 23 May 2006

I am in need of some help with an annoying little problem. Each member of the household has a user account on our XP Home SP2 PC. I like to leave my account logged on until other users wish to use the PC and I always leave to broadband connected. This is usually because I am updating something, or downloading big files (video clips, movie trailers, game demos etc). The annoyance comes when another user hops onto the computer, disconnects the internet (don't ask me why 'cos I really don't know!) dropping the download/update I am doing....then logs me off, killing any apps I have running....all without checking with me first!!!

Is there any way to lock/password to stop apps being closed or disconnecting the internet???

I have Googled, but all I keep getting is programs/settings to stop apps from opening or stop the internet connecting!

  GaT7 01:08 23 May 2006

Desktop Lock click here, or something similar should do, but it costs £24.95 - around £13-14. I think it comes with a 30-day free trial, so worth a free try I suppose. If I find a similar free program, I'll be back to post it.

In meantime, to the solve the broken downloading problem, you could use a free tool like Star Downloader click here, which will resume downloads from the point your Internet connection was cut off. G

  GaT7 01:15 23 May 2006

More similar freeware & shareware programs to try: click here & click here. Hope you find something that does the job. G

  Devil Fish 01:44 23 May 2006

you shouldnt need 3rd party software to lock xp

if you are using the welcome screen to log on
go to control panel / user accounts
change the way users log on and off

uncheck welcome screen and fast user switching and then apply options

close all open windows

press the windows key (bottom left between ctrl and alt) then l while still holding the windows key
this will lock the computer but everything is left running and the only person that can access the account is you or another administrator account so people cant just come along and log you off

NOTE you will get a logon box users will have to provide their user name and password at log on

  ened 06:39 23 May 2006

Run the screensaver when you are away from the machine and set it to come out only with the password.

Job Done.

  Jackcoms 08:22 23 May 2006

The following entry will stop the prompt to shut down the connection when changing users under Windows XP. This enables a permanent internet connection with multiple users on your PC under Windows XP.

Click on Start/Run and type Regedit.

In the Registry Editor navigate to:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon.

Then right-click in the right-hand pane and select New/String Value. Name the value KeepRasConnections.

Double click the new key and set its value to 1.

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