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  [email protected] 23:35 02 Jul 2003

Hi guys.
I've been planing my opening page recently & decided that I'm not talented enough to do frames.
even though I really need one. I was looking at someones HTML source & have took an unhealthy liking to it. I'll come clean and say I think it belongs to forum member Taran. He has an awesome menu down the left hand side and this slides down the page when you scroll down the main section. I'm sure it's some sort of table and my questions are...

Do you think he'll mind if I use it? I think it's just what I need, but there's no way on earth I could do something like that.

Also, would you say it's bad practice to use code by other people rather than make it yourself?
I'm not sure I'd like it if someone gave me a nice little credit for something I didn't/can't do myself.
I'm not even sure I could make changes to it because it's all so complex, although I would love to replace the links in his table(?) with picture links.

Your opinions are most welcome

James Lardy

  bigdamouk 23:51 02 Jul 2003

why would you want to steal someones hard work???

Just learn how to do it yourself. its ultimately more satisfying!

Besides, i would imagine Taran (Being a professional) has his design copyrighted.

  tbh72 01:30 03 Jul 2003

Lardy, im sure Taran would be flattered!!! You really need to speak with Taran first. But I have to agree, you will be better off in the long run if you try yourself. We all have to start somewhere & once you get into it everything will very quickly fall into place.

What software do you have for making a website available to you at the moment?

  [email protected] 10:33 03 Jul 2003

bigdamouk. I would never steal anyone's hard work and although Taran's code worked well with what I was doing, the code has been deleted from my own html. My button links will remain at the top of the page unless I master frames.

tbh72. I'm only using notepad with help from pagetutor.com & have no other web building software. They've got a 'how to do frames section' I've just not been able to take it in yet :)
will start over again.


James Lardy

  Taran 12:12 03 Jul 2003

I've only just noticed this and no, I don't mind at all if anyone wants to use the scrolling menu and main page table.

The whole point to my putting that page up was for another forum member to look at and use the menu code if they wanted to. I'll put it up for download in a zip file if you like, although the code itself can be viewed in your web browser or the page saved to hard disk if you want to do it that way.

All you need to do is change the hyperlinks in the scrolling menu to your own and alter the contents of the main table (where it has the word Test repeated down the page) to reflect your own content. I wouldn't suggest using images as the links until you are familiar enough with the JavaScript used to roll your sleeves up.

I'd also stay away from frames unless you have a very specific set of requirements. We've covered frames before many times in the forum, but in brief they can cause all kinds of headaches both for you to make and for older browser software to display. There are also very real issues in getting search engines to index frames pages and lots of other considerations.

Finally, everything that you see on my site where you found the menu code is freely accessible for you to download and play with. In the ADABAS section I do ask that if you want to re-use any of the information in there - as if ;o) - you don't claim authorship yourself, but I deliberately haven't gone out of my way to copyright any of it so feel free. The only copyright notice is on the StarOffice section at this link click here and if you read it, it says "Your copyright mark, date and company name could go here, like this:" so it is an example, not a stamp of ownership.

Examining existing code is a good way for newcomers to web design to find out how things go together. There's a big difference between looking at and using someone else's code and claiming it as your own, and the only information on my site that I don't want forum users to see is hidden away behind secure log in pages to keep certain things prying eyes that some of my students need to access but that you lot don't (no offence intended).

If you want to use the code, go for it and have fun with it.

Best regards


  tbh72 16:08 03 Jul 2003

Cheer's for the clarification on that..... I knew you'd be cool..... You little feezer pop you!!!

  [email protected] 23:43 03 Jul 2003

Thank you Taran, thats very kind of you and has made my day. I was dreading having to cope with frames. (somewhere in my website I'll mention that the website wouldn't look so nice without 'your' code).


James Lardy

  bigdamouk 00:01 04 Jul 2003

Sorry [email protected], I wasn't aware it was a piece of code that Taran had created for someone else.
My bad!.....

However, I still urge you to try it out for yourself, it will be a great learning curve and there's nothing more satisfying than people giving good comments about something you have created from scratch.

Good Luck

  Taran 15:27 06 Jul 2003

'feezer pop' ?

Well, it's the first time I've ever been called that, although I have to admit to having been called worse before.


  User-312386 17:39 06 Jul 2003

what a nice fella he is

how you doing mate?

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