other operating systems?

  Aol Hater 21:25 04 Jul 2003

i wanted to try out another os so i put mandrake 9 on my comp as a dual boot with win xp but as after 3 weeks i cannot get my modem to work! so i was wondering if there is any other os's out there (not windows)that can be installed as a dual boot? i have heard of solaris? is that right? but what i really wanted is one that will support my modem so i can go online with it, there must be other os's besides linux, if there is where can i download them or buy them from and what are they and will they support my modem? so many questions but i am sure someone can help

  graham√ 21:36 04 Jul 2003

AOL supports Mandrake 9 modems.

  Aol Hater 22:16 04 Jul 2003

no i dont have a mandrake 9 modem i have a windows modem that mandrake 9 wont support, i use win xp pro and want to know if i can get another os to dual boot with if you will read my post properly

  PªūĽ ? ♂ 23:00 04 Jul 2003

I have managed to get two awkward modems to work under Mandrake 9 and now Slackware 9.0 What modem do you have ? Is it a winmodem or just a really awkward one ?

  Aol Hater 00:29 05 Jul 2003

i have a access runner pci conextant chipset adsl modem, i have tried to get it to work with drivers etc but i havent had any luck if you know how to do it it would begreat

  Aol Hater 00:29 05 Jul 2003

i also have a win modem (dial up) hcf pci data fax modem

  PªūĽ ? ♂ 04:55 05 Jul 2003

This site details a few steps for mandrake. I have only just been able to have a look and have to go to work now. I will try to find something more specific this evening. It may not even be for your modem, I have had hell in the past with Connexant chipset modems and Linux, But they do eventually work. It took me 3 days of hard work originally. :) Heres the site,click here If you have any more information available ie Modem model no etc, Even chipset serials are useful for finding info, Post it here it will all help.

  Tesman 11:59 05 Jul 2003

Stick with Mandrake! From what little I know about Solaris, it seems to have the reputation of being even more picky about hardware than Linux.

I suspect you'd run into the same problems with the other popular unix-based systems such as FreeBSD/OpenBSD, and your guess is as good as mine when it comes to the many others out there such as BeOS, AtheOS and OS/2....

As PªūĽ ? ♂ says, Conexant chipset modems can be made to work in Linux, albeit with some difficulty. Now if you were on dialup, I could probably help...In the meantime, I can only suggest that you try another Forum or two - the one here:

click here

is UK based, very friendly and has plenty of very experienced folks on tap. Other than that, I've found the Google Advanced Search facility to be invaluable in learning about Linux.

  Aol Hater 12:14 05 Jul 2003

i also have a dial up modem that i can use can you help with setting that up with mandrake? i would be gratefull

  Tesman 12:54 05 Jul 2003

Sure - post the make and model number, and I'll see what I can find in the way of a driver. If it's a software modem (one of the so-called "winmodems"), you might find it listed here:

click here

I'm afraid I have to get to bed pretty soon (night shifts again) but I'll be back in the morning.

  PªūĽ ? ♂ 16:49 05 Jul 2003

One thing I did find out when installing modems under Linux is that there are several supposed ways to do things but only one that works, And that way tends to be one you discover yourself, I had hell and more getting my Speedtouch 330 USB modem to work under Slackware. I finally did it by using one persons way combined with the way you would do it under Gentoo, Unfortunately I still cant get it to work for a Gentoo setup, I will for now have to stick with my Slackware setup.

What steps have you taken to get this modem to work up to now ?

Which modem wold you prefer to use ? The adsl one ? or the Dial up one ?

I will try my best to help you out although I cannot guarantee it will work, I wont give up too easily.

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