Other than MS Outlook for e-mails

  compumac 18:07 08 Oct 2014

I have used Microsoft Outlook (not Outlook Express)for so many years with the ability to access several e-mail communications within the same application and have become very blasé about it.

Today my Outlook threw a total wobbly and it occurred to me that I had never used anything else other than Outlook for my e-mail, albeit I do use g-mail for a particular purpose.

It will be obvious that I have been set in my ways and ask as to perhaps better alternatives to Outlook for e-mails?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:20 08 Oct 2014

the latest windows uses Live mail. download via windows essentials.

  lotvic 20:38 08 Oct 2014

I use Thunderbird since moving to Windows 7 from XP and Outlook Express.

  wee eddie 20:45 08 Oct 2014

To me, the email side of Outlook is incidental. It's database of Contact Information that I have built up over the years is its strength

  bumpkin 20:47 08 Oct 2014

Used Thunderbird for years, recommend it.

  compumac 20:57 08 Oct 2014

wee eddie

I used to use Outlook for all of my contacts but found that with e-mails and contacts that the .pst file became huge. So I used MS Access for all my contacts for the past twenty years. My use of Outlook has been the reversal of yours.

  compumac 20:59 08 Oct 2014

bumpkin lotvic

Will look into Thunderbird in the morning. Thanks for recommendation.

  wee eddie 21:59 08 Oct 2014

Nah, my .pst file is only about 16 MB, so it's not a problem.

I only have about 450 Contacts now I've closed the Business and deleted all the Reps, Account details and other information that I felt I needed at my fingertips, from it.

  Forum Editor 23:11 08 Oct 2014

There's really nothing to touch Outlook, but if you want to try another good email client take a look at Thunderbird - it's an excellent second best.

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