Oscommerce question and cheap website development

  spot the braincell 14:45 22 Jul 2006

I want to setup a simple web page to sell some bags in the CHEAPEST way and I'm thinking of using oscommerce. My (limited) understanding means I think I need to
1) register a domain - where cheapest?
2) find someone to host it - where cheapest?
3) Register with oscommerce
4) Then what? do I somehow upload from oscommerce onto the domain I've registered, if so does anybody know what this entails?
5) Cheapness is the main criteria as I want to test the water - all help much appreciated
Cheers Spot

  harristweed 11:25 23 Jul 2006

It is best to combine 1 and 2. I recommend click here

3 and 4. I don't think you register with oscommerce, you just download the software and install it on your web space. I set up oscommerce a while ago. Can't actually remember but I think it was straight forward, just follow the instructions.

You will need to set up payment processing. Pay pal is also very easy to to join and oscommerce (i beleive) intergrates well.

5. Whole lot 30 quid!

  Forum Editor 15:15 23 Jul 2006

and web-hosting businesses are not those in which the words "cheap" and "good" are normally found together. I understand that you want to test the water,but the difference between a decent web host and one where you'll have endless problems isn't necessarily all that much in terms of money.

Take a look around, and look at the facilities offered by various companies. My personal recommendation, for both name registration and hosting would currently go to click here

  Naeris 21:20 24 Jul 2006

If you just want to test the water as you say, then try using your free ISP web sapce until you get the hang of it.

  harristweed 21:26 24 Jul 2006

Free space is unlikly to support php which in necessary for oscommerce.

  spot the braincell 18:50 31 Jul 2006

I've just checked oscommerce for requirements and it states:

'osCommerce can be installed on any server where a web server with PHP has been installed on and has access to a MySQL database server.....'

Is this likely to be the case with my arklike Win98 PC or do I need to get this thing PHP from somewhere first?

  PurplePenny 22:18 31 Jul 2006

PHP and MYSQL are on your host's server not your PC.

(You can install PHP, MySQL and Apache on your PC in order to test locally (i.e. not on your web space) but you don't have to do that and if you are new to all this I'd advise against it for now.)

  ewebber 09:28 01 Aug 2006

Hi there, where ever you choose to host your site, pick a host that you can speak to on the phone. Cheap may be fine as long as nothing goes wrong - but I had a host in the past that was cheap, but never answered questions before a few days, if at all. They also didn't back up the information on their server, so, when it went down, all the websites on it were lost. When looking at PHP make sure the server you are hosted on has the same version that you need for oscommerce.

  spot the braincell 11:33 01 Aug 2006

Thanks to all of you for your responses. I will err on the side of reliability methinks when it comes to choosing a host and now know a bit more about oscommerce, which is nice. Cheers Spot

  Devious Dave 21:25 07 Aug 2006

I have just recently gone live with my first online shop and I used oscommerce to build it. All I can say is that its amazing, I just can't believe it's free. The thing that makes it so special is support community that goes along with it, there are thousands of contributions that you can use (all free) to make your website as you want it..

When I first discovered oscommerce I hadn't even heard of PHP or SQL code and now I have build I website that is ten times better than the one I previously had that was build by a "professional web designer" for a cost of £2500!!

For the hosting side of things you need to use a company that has excellent support because you will be contacting them all the time, getting them to change stuff on the server (file permissions etc) when building your site.

I use vault5.com and they are also excellent. It costs £30 a year (silver package) the techincal support is the best.

My site: click here

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