OS Won't Install

  IT Boff 18:50 15 Jul 2006

A couple of days ago I turened an old PC on, which I wanted to get going again. It had not been on for a few years as it was playing up. I have Windows 98 on the computer and I want to put a version of 2000 I have spare onto it. I have changed CD Drive to load from first in the BIOS, but when it starts up it says "boot from CD" and then eventually opens up windows 98. I have tested the cd on other computers and it works fine. I have also tried other OS such as XP and Windows ME, all of these I try do the same as the 2000 cd.

Any Ideas please.

  jimv7 18:54 15 Jul 2006

Try a cd cleaner or another cd drive.

  IT Boff 19:33 15 Jul 2006

Ok, I have put a new cd drive into the computer, But now it says "Primary Drive Hard Disk Fail"

Does this mean i have killed the Hard Drive?

  jimv7 20:02 15 Jul 2006

Try booting from the 'A' drive first, then the cd drive, the cd might be 2 slow fot the time allowed.

Booting from the ' A' drive might give the cd drive more time to catch up.

  IT Boff 20:10 15 Jul 2006

Ok, Thanks for advice, but while trying to get to work again, i think i have mucked up everything, and the CPU as now it won't even turn the monitor on!

Is there a way to just reset everything on the Hard Disk Drive or something?


  jimv7 22:02 15 Jul 2006

Disconnect all the pci cards except the graphic card. with the power supply switched off and disconnected from the compter, check that all the cables are firmly fitted and the graphic card is seated correctly, before attempting a restart.

  User-312386 23:31 15 Jul 2006

a windows 2000 boot disc click here

pop it in and reformat the drive fdisc the drive and then intall

  IT Boff 14:56 16 Jul 2006

Ok, I have found the cause of the problem of it not booting properly - it was the cd drive i put into it, so a few cd rom drives down the road and now it will at least boot up. I have tried the boot disk, but all it does now is either stop and read the floppy for a seccond and continued loadiong windoes 98 or reads the floppy and says flooppy disk failre.

Any more sergestions please?

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