O/S onto USB2 HDD

  lacker 19:54 13 Jul 2003

Hi all,
I need a bit of advice( well a bit more than a bit actually) from one of you experts out there.
I have just purchased a USB2 hdd,upon which I want to put an O/S just like it was another partition.Trouble is my PC will only let me see it as an extra drive in my normal partitions,is there a procedure to make the Usb drive bootable.If so could some kind soul please tell me how.
Many thanks


  lacker 21:06 13 Jul 2003


  Quiller. 21:59 13 Jul 2003

I would of though this would be possible, after all you can use a usb keyboard and mouse in dos. My first thoughts were to adjust the settings in the bios and to have dos drivers for the disk. But a look around does not look promising.

I have visited the maxtor site for external usb hard drives and come up with this.

click here

Although this mainly refers to the firewire drive, usb 2.0 is also included.

Sorry. I will still keep looking.

  lacker 22:15 13 Jul 2003

Thanks for the response and the link mate.It does not look too hopeful as it says only certain 'Mac' machines will allow external hdds to boot and then only firewire.
I have tried to copy information from my main drive but several key files resist any copying to usb drive although they copy to main drive ok.Just hope I havn't wasted my gilt on this device.

Thanks again
Regards Tony

  BillEmm 23:20 13 Jul 2003
  Quiller. 23:32 13 Jul 2003

That looks useful.

  lacker 00:20 14 Jul 2003

That looks very useful! A bit much to take in at this time of night,so I will follow it all up tomorrow and will let you know how I get on.Thanks very much for the info
regards Tony

  Mango Grummit 00:33 14 Jul 2003

Sorry but it can't be done on a Windows machine. Your BIOS does not cater for such an eventuality.

Unless someone knows different!


  Megatyte 03:30 14 Jul 2003

You need to set your BIOS to boot from USB. If the option isn't there then a BIOS flash will be needed(if available).


  Mango Grummit 09:02 14 Jul 2003

It is not possible to boot to any Windows operating systems from any USB external drive unit. The only bootable devices that can be configured from the BIOS are SCSI, IDE, Floppy or CD-ROM.

USB is "plug and play" which really means you plug it into windows and windows will let it play. USB port drivers do not load until windows does.

Think of it as Windows being the host and USB the guest who has no control or say in the order or the scheme of things.

Please let us know how you progress with this one, lacker. If I am wrong then I will be back to grovel and apologise.



  lacker 10:41 14 Jul 2003

Just thought I ought to give you an update.So far I have created a floppy as instructed by the'Addonics'link from BillEmm,but it just appears to hang and will not go through all the procedures advised by 'Addonics'.I have just investigated my BIOS and it does not support USB booting.So I have gone to a BIOS update sight and asked them if there is an update for this particular BIOS.Unfortunately,it can take up to 48 hours for them to respond.So I am now in'limbo'.The other frustrating thing is,it will not let me copy all my files from my other partition or install programs from Disks so I am a bit stymied.
Thanks to all who have contributed,I will let you know how I have got on as soon as I can.
Regards Tony

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