OS not booting up

  vsmith 10:15 25 Mar 2010

Good morning to you
Please help, yesterday morning i used my PC no problem, i went to use it yesterday afternnoon, black screen,screen shows me motherboard and does checks for drivers comes to bootling up, nothing just black screen. Reset it got to screen where it gives options to boot up keyboard doesnt work, wont let me into safe mode. I tried loading the vista disk nothing it wont load.

Any suggestions gratefully recieved, ps it did let me go into safe mode once it ran some files and then stopped wouldnt move tried to reset again wont let me safe mode.

  Technotiger 11:10 25 Mar 2010

Perhaps if you could get into the BIOS, then set to start from CD, then try to start again with Vista CD in drive? You could then try a Repair.

  vsmith 11:34 25 Mar 2010

thanks for replying but the screen is completely black no options for doing anything.The PC power light is on, and I think the HD is running, the monitor works and the mouse, I dont think the keybard is working though, could this be the cause of the PC not booting up?

  Technotiger 11:38 25 Mar 2010

Possibly, can you try another keyboard? If it is a PS keyboard, as opposed to USB, make sure PC is switched off before disconnecting/connecting keyboard.

  vsmith 13:58 25 Mar 2010

Thanks again for the reply very much appreciated I have a wireless keyboard and mouse, but I did keep the usb one, do i need to use the usb mouse if i use the usb keyboard? I will try the change over tonight when i get home.

kind regards


  Technotiger 14:04 25 Mar 2010

It does not matter which mouse you use, as long as it is a known working one of course.

  vsmith 09:09 26 Mar 2010

well i changed keyboard and it let me run Vista repair, and it created a restore point i could use everything internet all my data was there. Thought all was well until this morning when it wouldnt start up again, so used Vista Repair and lo and behold i could use the pc again. I checked the diagnotic tool all was well until I got to the end of the list, said Start up was not working due to an upgrade didnt say what upgrade and to be honest i have upgraded anything recently all i have added and that was quite a while back was an anti spyware a more advanced McAfee and a malaware. Any suggestions how to get Start up to work please?

  vsmith 13:36 30 Mar 2010

ok seems this according to google is a difficult fault to sort out. I was letting Microsoft Vista install updates and log me out, when my comp went to black screen. Spent some time trying different things but PC would not start up, tried repair, it couldnt repair, Tried system restore, this let me in twice third time it went to black screen again. Got it to open in safe mode, and it showed that my PC hung at crcdisk. I have ssearched the Internet but cannot find a solution to finding what crcdisk does or how to repair it. There are many people who have the same problem and they havent been able to find a solution. My PC is only 3 years old, and now it seems its dead forever :(

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:54 30 Mar 2010

the listing shows the last SUCCESSFUL item loaded. so crc.sys is NOT your problem.

You have a corrupt file in the windows start up routine.

Can you boot to recovery console and run Chkdsk /f

  vsmith 07:03 01 Apr 2010

you were correct :) i backed up my files and re-installed and everything is working fine now

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