OS ms winxp home,xp pro, and 2000 pro

  maddos 22:29 29 Jan 2005

A friend who has never had a pc of her own, but uses one in work, has been searching for a pc, her main concern is a stable OS. her son has found a pc on the web with the option of loading either win xp home, xp pro, or 2000 pro. As i,m still in the dark ages with win 98se, I am not much help to her. Any ideas from such a knowledgeable forum would be very much appreciated. Specs for the pc are- P4 3.2Gh, 512Mb ram,200Gb H.D. 128Mb ATI radion graphics, and 16X dual DVD r/w. Interested in only the above operating systems. Who knows might even convince her to subscribe to the PCA mag.
Many thanks.

  VoG II 22:31 29 Jan 2005

Any of those will run comfortably on that system. I recommend XP. Home or Pro is a personal decision.

  Totally-braindead 22:36 29 Jan 2005

Theres not much difference between XP Home and Pro for the home user so if she goes with XP then I'd save money and go for the Home version, I've been told Win 2000 is more stable than XP but I don't personally know if this is the case. I'm sure someone will advise you on this. Personally I'm on XP and very happy with it, I was on Win 98SE before that and tried ME and found it to be rubbish. Never tried Win 2000.

  gudgulf 22:51 29 Jan 2005

I use 2000 pro at work and have both XP home and pro on my home pcs.Best choice in my opinion would be XP in either variant (go for the cheapest) and the reason I say this is for the system restore function of XP.I don,t beleive there is any stability advantage to any of the versions mentioned but having system restore can be very useful if things go wrong and Win 2000 does not have this.Also bear in mind that Win 2000 was aimed fair and square at business users.

  THE TERMINATOR 23:52 29 Jan 2005

Windows XP for me mate, it's the most stable Microsoft have brought out yet....TT

  Kegger 00:22 30 Jan 2005

I agree with all above ... however if he / she is going to do any networking go with XP pro that means any one PC talking to another get XP pro. i have a large customer list that have problems and you can check this website what have issues with XP home

  temp003 07:53 30 Jan 2005

All 3 are very stable. I like W2k Pro best, but since she is buying a new OS, she should get XP as she will get longer support.

I think for your friend who has not had a pc before, XP Home is more than enough for her. She won't be needing the extra functions of XP Pro or W2k Pro.

Try and get an XP Home CD with SP2 included - that would save her a big download and give her a cleaner installation to start with.

  maddos 19:47 31 Jan 2005

Thanks to all. I never realised that win xp was so popular. I assumed that the replies would favour win 2000 pro. Just goes to show. I will now tell my friend to go for Xp home, and when things go wrong and she complains to me, I will just put the blame on you lot.


  THE TERMINATOR 23:29 08 Feb 2005

I got XP home from Florida 2 weeks after it came out and apart from it being incompatable with some of my old software, I have not looked back. And was $99.99 well spent if you ask me....TT

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