OS on Dead HDD

  jagsman 12:55 22 Nov 2007

My Hard drive has decided to commit suicide, it had OEM version of Vista Premium installed on it. I burned the recovery disc when i first got the PC, but will it be of any use to me? Can i use the recovery disc to install Vista onto my new Hard Drive? or have i lost everything? The reason i ask is because i was led to believe that the recovery disc does not contain the full set of files needed for a new installation, it also requires files that are hidden on the original hard drive. Can someone please help ?

thank you

  MAJ 13:08 22 Nov 2007

As you'll need a new hard drive in any case, why not just try it and see. I don't use Vista yet, so I'm not sure if it's just a recovery in case of a crash, or, a complete recovery in case of a dead hard drive, as in your case.

  xania 14:34 22 Nov 2007

I don't know how old your PC is, but I would have thought that your warranty should cover a replacement HDD with the OS installed - but, of course, you've lost all your oter files.

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