OS Backup

  Genius1 20:23 21 Feb 2006

I have a relativley new PC, manufactured by Philips. They did not supply any discs apart from Microsoft Works 8. Is it possible for me to create backup disc(s) of the operating system (Microsoft Windows XP Media Centre Edition 2005) and drivers in case anything went wrong? Thanks...

  Genius1 20:24 21 Feb 2006

It would help if I could spell 'relatively'!

  stalion 20:26 21 Feb 2006
  Genius1 20:28 21 Feb 2006

Thanks stalion, but is there a totally free way of doing this!?

  Genius1 10:26 22 Feb 2006


  Minkey1 10:50 22 Feb 2006

If XP MCE was supplied preinstalled, I think the manufacturers are obliged to provide a means of restoring the OS. If Philips do not suppy discs, is there not a "restore" folder on your HD you can copy to CD ?

Does the manual mention this ?

  Genius1 18:59 22 Feb 2006

Sorry for the delay... In C: Drive there is an 'Applications' folder which contains preinstalled drivers (under the 'Driver' folder) and software (under the 'Tool' folder) and a 'WINDOWS' folder. If I copied both these folders to CD would I have a backup of the OS? Would I also need to copy 'CMPNENTS', 'c88837857ad7d3b59a' and 'cf2a3b13e197f0805bc4fa466f7cba36' folders?

  Genius1 19:04 22 Feb 2006

Just a note... I have a way of restoring the PC back to factory settings in the 'System Recovery' folder on the start menu. But if I had to wipe the whole hard drive for any reason - or it got damaged - then this wouldn't be here would it???

  Minkey1 19:19 22 Feb 2006

As I understood it, the Recovery folder can be copied to CD, where manufacturers don't otherwise supply discs. Have you had a look to see if there's an option to copy and create your own ?

  Genius1 10:24 23 Feb 2006

I'll have a look to see if there's an option to create my own backup, thanks Minkey1. There is no 'Recovery' folder that I can find - I have searched C:.

  Minkey1 10:30 23 Feb 2006

And there's nothing in any Philips manual recommending you create a back up disc ?

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