Orphan entries in XP start menu

  spider 11:19 16 Oct 2003

Does anyone know how to delete an orphan entry in XP start menu? The program has been uninstalled but it didn't remove the start menu entry. It's imposible to delete it using the delete key directly,the delete item on the context menu or deleting it from the "Docs and settings | All Users | Programs |start menu" in explorer.

I have searched the registry and manually removed all references to the program including the item that appeared in the key for the menus, but still it persists. The error message is "Cannot delete file: Cannot read from the Source file or disk".
Anyone any ideas how to remove this ghost entry please?

  graham√ 11:25 16 Oct 2003

Re-instal the program first.

  spider 19:43 16 Oct 2003

Thnaks but tried that as well - doesn't work. The program installs and uninstalls correctly but it won't remove the orphan entry.

  powerless 19:46 16 Oct 2003

Restart computer.

Then keep tapping the F8 key, then choose SAFE MODE from the options given.

Delete it from there.

  spider 09:57 17 Oct 2003

Thanks again but already tried everything I can think of like that. It won't delete even in safe mode using either administrator or my user ID which has admin rights. The only way I can think of is to reformat the drive a re-install everything.

  graham√ 10:05 17 Oct 2003

Can you delete the entry whilst the program is installed?

  brittas 10:05 17 Oct 2003

right click on the entry in the start menu - choose delete and voila !!!

  spider 14:18 17 Oct 2003

Tried to delete it with the program installed and no luck. Also tried the second suggestion (right clicking) and that won't work either. Have to get the hammer out and do it the hard way methinks! - format the drive and reinstall everything from the disk image.

  graham√ 14:46 17 Oct 2003

If this is the Start 'window', try right clicking the bottom taskbar, Properties, Start menu, Customize, General, Clear list.

Then Advanced, explore the options to see if a box needs clearing or ticking. This also has a 'Clear list'.

  keenan 14:50 17 Oct 2003

How long ago was it installed? have you tried 'system restore'

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