origo adsl router

  joelle1230 19:26 19 Aug 2004

i have a problem accessing secure sites with my adsl router .shares connection ok i am with aol broadband ,when i switch back to my old aol broadband modem every thing ok there is a advanced setting area on my router but not sure where to look

any help wellcome
thanks IAN

  hillybilly 20:10 19 Aug 2004

I have and use 2 Origo ADSL routers model number ASR-8400. I would like to offer some advice but I am not sure exactly what it is that you are asking. Please try an explain a bit further.

  joelle1230 20:14 19 Aug 2004

it connects fine but will not enter secure sites

  joelle1230 20:15 19 Aug 2004

which isp are you with this maybe a AOL problem

  hillybilly 20:40 19 Aug 2004

My primary account is with Plusnet, the second one is with BTopenworld, but I also have set this router up on Tiscali as well. It sounds more like something to do with AOL. Bet it's just a setting, but I have hardly any experience on AOL, sorry.

  joelle1230 20:48 19 Aug 2004

thanks for your help can not understand why one modems fine and the other not aol do not support this router so no help there might cnange to wannado

  hillybilly 20:58 19 Aug 2004

Personally I'd use one of the above before Wannadoo, don't know if I'm allowed to say that!
Most people look at the monthly cost, but I like to consider the cost of support calls, what the quality of support is like and how accessible is it! Have I got to listen to music for 30 mins waiting for an answer!

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