original manufacturer printer cartridges

  the-emsworth-kid 20:22 17 Dec 2003

Having scoured previous threads and msn search for genuine HP cartridges the cheapest appear to come from valueshop.co.uk and inkjet-cartridges.co.uk - does anyone have any experience of either of them please?


  Gongoozler 21:05 17 Dec 2003

I don't have any experience of either of these companies, but I checked them for cartridges for my HP Deskjet 959c for which I use C6578A and 51645A cartridges. inkjet-cartridges.co.uk insisted on offering me compatible cartridges, I could find no way of getting to HP originals. valueshop.co.uk were very similar in price to my usual supplier, 7dayshop.com. They were 15p more expensive or the black cartridge, but £2-40 cheaper for the tricolour. Their postage rates are a little strange. If I order the cartridges separately, each bill will be under £50, and so postage is free. If I order them together, the bill is over £50, and so I have tp pay £3.95. From 7dayshop, the postage is £1.95 whatever the quantity, as long as I don't mind waiting a week for delivery.

  minter 21:14 17 Dec 2003

Take a look at click here
don't know if they are the cheapest for your printer, but they certainly are for mine.

  critic-al 21:15 17 Dec 2003

Hi ,Have you ever considered refilling your own, very easy i have found and saves you lots of money, i have been refilling both our hp all in ones(HP psc750) and (hp office jet D145) for 1 year now, these kits i buy are £10 for 2 kits 1 color & 1 black, one kit does around 5 color refills and up to 15 black, have a look..
click here

  the-emsworth-kid 13:03 21 Dec 2003

The more I look at this the worse it gets!!

many thanks for your response - I think I'm either too scared or too lazy to go the refill route.

thank you - tried your people but they don't appear to do the cartirdges I need

This is the minefield bit - went back to inkjet-cartridges and for my 7130 the site appeared to offer OEM (which I have always taken to mean Original) looked at your 959 and yes - compatible were on offer. Tried valueshop again and the prices I was offered for originals were £1.89 and £1.64 cheaper for the colour and b/w respectively than 7day and they offered free delivery.

No wonder I'm confused!!!

  duckers 13:41 21 Dec 2003

Why buy originals when you can get copys that are as good for a tenth of the price?
I have an epson 760 (nice and old now) that I have ran on printrite cartridges since the manufacturers ones ran out 4 years ago, it has probably gone through about 20 black and 10 colour cartridges and is still going strong. The only problem I had about a year ago was the printer smudging ink all over the paper,, but this turned out to be the sponge that absorbs excess ink flow during maintenance cycles being flooded with ink...
I usually get 4 colour and 4 black for less than £20(2.50 each?) from local computer fairs, you can order these off the internet as well, just search and ye shall find....
I wouldnt waste your time refiling cartridges, its a messy pain in the rear and when you can get cartridges that cheap is it really worth the hassle??

  the-emsworth-kid 16:26 21 Dec 2003

Have read many threads on copy's - jury still seems to be out on reliability and possible effects on printers if they go wrong

Do you use your 760 for photos? As an ex-SLR man I find that my 3meg digital camera with HP printer, HPink and HP photo paper produces as good results as I ever got from my local film processoring shop.

  Derek 16:48 21 Dec 2003

Eurojet for a long time. The cost is a fraction of the HP originals. I use 45's 78's, quite a lot of them too. The quality is superb. I mostly do pro publishing and Big photo work (A4) on best glossy paper.
Try their site click here you will not be disappointed.

  britto 17:48 21 Dec 2003

I have used both 7dayshop and valueshop amongst others for lexmark originals, valueshop were the cheapest and quickest 3 days. click here prices include vat& postage

  _chris_ 17:56 21 Dec 2003

Don't mean to hijack, but on the subject of refilling cartridges, is it possible to refill the Epson chipped cartridges ?

The cost of replacing both cartridges with originals is the same as buying a complete new printer (Stylus C62 which came with two full cartridges !).

I'm aware you can buy chip resetters, but this again is more money on refilling when buying a new printer would probably make more sense. I suppose you only have to buy it once though :). Do these things actually work and is it easy to refill the T040 and T041 cartridges?
Anyone recommend a specific ink that has proved successful. I hear the Epson uses 'special' ink or is this just sales spiel ?


  Glyn-252301 20:34 21 Dec 2003

Yes it does save lots of money chris. Epson ink about £12 for 250 ml. Total outlay with chip resetter about £60 which will last several years at the average type use. One set of epson carts for Epson C62 about £44 will only last a month or so. Get ink from click here. _

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