The Original AutoLogin now, of course, in v2.0

  Xzrox 02:01 29 Oct 2005

Djohn, Taff36, Diodorus Siculus and absolutely everybody else who remembers my _EXTREMELY_ old post - under the nickname 'Webmaster' - from years back that detailed an AutoLogin method for logging straight into a PC Advisor forum, your own postings, or to just log in generally, from your desktop.

Well, I'm back with the new updated version and hopefully it won't get removed this time. ;-) Well, hopefully not because it's a neat trick that aids those who like convenience.

To cut a long story short, my account was deleted many moons ago for having the nickname 'Webmaster' - it saddened me so much since I lost everything and all that I needed to change was my nickname! :'( Still, you can catch my old posts such as this one which you can find if you click here. I'm glad to be back!

Anyway, I hold no grudges... especially now the website looks v. nice indeed!

Basically, some of you wish to be able to log in from your desktop _without_ having to accept cookies in some cases. Basically, the following method will work regardless of whether you check the box saying 'Auto-login' in the user prefs page or whether you accept or reject cookies.

I must point out beforehand that one of the main reasons for my v. old post on this subject vanishing was due to the fact the AutoLogin stores your username and password (in plain text) on your computer or wherever you have your AutoLogin shortcut.

New direct login:
click here. pcadvisor[email protected]&password=TEST

New direct to forum: (had to urlencode $originurl)
click here. pcadvisor[email protected]&password=TEST&originurl=%2Fforums%2Findex.cfm%3Faction%3Dshowforum%26forumid%3D1

New direct to my postings:
click here. pcadvisor[email protected]&password=TEST&originurl=%2Fforums%2Findex.cfm%3Faction%3Dmypostings

Take care and hopefully these URLS work! They really are useful and not at all bad as long as you make sure nobody has access to your desktop to read your authentication details.

  Xzrox 02:04 29 Oct 2005

Drat! I got 'clicked hered'. :-|

Remove the spaces between '. pcadvisor' and turn 'click here' into 'h t t p : // w w w' but, again, without the spaces!

Have fun! :-)

  pat2068 02:07 29 Oct 2005

all the click heres come up with a page cannot be displayed leo

  Xzrox 02:12 29 Oct 2005

Read /\ above /\.

.... and also, do not put your email address and/or password in capitals... write it just as it actually is! :-)

[New example]
h t t p : // w w w. pcadvisor[email protected]&password=TEST&originurl=%2Fforums%2Findex.cfm%3Faction%3Dshowforum%26forumid%3D1

(The '1' at the very end of this URL - yes, the bit after %3D - specifies the forum. 1 is Helproom. 2 is ConsumerWatch. And so on.)

  Djohn 02:19 29 Oct 2005

Many thanks Xzrox. I do indeed remember your other title and the first time round you provided this workaround. I've used it for a long time myself after reading your initial post, excellent tip. Hope your keeping well? ;o)

  Djohn 02:22 29 Oct 2005

I'm afraid your long line of text has caused the topic to have a wobbly, hopefully FE will fix it for us.

  Skills 02:24 29 Oct 2005

Thanks very much works a treat

  Xzrox 02:28 29 Oct 2005

How lovely to hear from you directly, gosh.... this is bringing back memories! I have actually been nipping back once or twice over the two/three years (forgotten how long it's been really) but I think the time has come to offer my extensive knowledge once again! ;-) Hopefully in the networking area.

Some users, if I recall, racked up thousands of posts didn't they? Do you remember the posts debating who had posted the most? :-p All good fun in my view! You must surely have posted a lot yourself now!

I'm sad I can't post under my original account / nickname but apart from that I'm well and have grown up lots more! How've you been? And how much of a challenge would it be to sum up in one paragraph how the last two years worth of posting's been on here? heh Probably hectic!

  Xzrox 02:33 29 Oct 2005

Wobbly? By that I presume it's not wrapping in your browser and, instead, is pushing the margins apart?

By the way... I've detailed the URLS you can use but not mentioned what 'object' to put them 'in'.

Basically, in Windows, right click the desktop --> go to 'New' --> and then click on 'Shortcut'.

Where it says 'Type the location of the item' - just paste (without the spaces) your URL of choice dependent on whether or not you wish to just log in, log in to view 'My Postings' straight away, or log in to view a particular forum such as Helproom straight away.

  Taff36 05:29 29 Oct 2005

Thanks for that and welcome back. As soon as I saw the new site I started thinking about the autologin but with the few teething problems I decided to leave it for a while. I`ll set it up later. Look forward to seeing you in the network forum - it`s pretty quiet in there sometimes.

  Diemmess 13:24 29 Oct 2005

Just what I've been looking for! .. Thank you.

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