Organising start menu by drag and drop

  [DELETED] 16:46 28 Aug 2003

Please help, I'd like to organise my start menu into better folders (I can't see the fourth column on screen now). I know about "right-click >> Open all users" but is there a way to open a split screen, explorer style, where I can rename folders and drag & drop items?

  [DELETED] 18:02 28 Aug 2003

Get yourself a free proper twin-pane Explorer which'll make this little job and the rest of your PC usage so much easier.

  [DELETED] 18:05 28 Aug 2003

Sorry forgot the url

2XExplorer Z1 at:

click here

  [DELETED] 19:08 28 Aug 2003

if you are using any windows upto xp (but not xp) then right click on the bottom bar and choose properties,then the start menu programs tab then advanced, that opens a double pane explorer window where you can move,copy,arrange as you wish your start menu.

if you are using windows XP then right click on the bottom bar, choose properties, select the start menu tab, select Classic start menu, click apply then click customize, again you will get a two pane explorer type window.

rememmber to choose start menu instead of classic start menu to change back.

hope this helps

  [DELETED] 19:26 28 Aug 2003

I usually just open two windows and drag the programs back and forth between the two.

ie. open all users in one and create a new folder.

open all users again and drag the programs that I want moved into the new folder in the other window.

  [DELETED] 21:06 28 Aug 2003

Appreciated, got it sorted now, many thanks.


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