Organising Favourites........PLEASE HELP!!!

  sorefingers 15:26 09 Jun 2003

I have just right clicked in my Links folder and clicked on 'sort by name'...stupid thing to do, now i've lost my most used icons back to alpabetical order dammit!!!
Apart from dragging each one laboriously one by there a quicker way?

Thanks for any help!

  -pops- 15:31 09 Jun 2003

I have all my favorites classified into their own folders with the most used ones in "a. favourites". The "a" ensures it is at the top of the listing. Laborious to classify a load but if you do them a few at a time or as and when you acquire new ones, it isn't too onerous.


  Pesala 17:57 09 Jun 2003

but there is a solution, at least to avoid this problem in the future. Switch to Opera. This has a whole series of options on how to sort your bookmarks (favourites).

1. Sort by my order

2. Sort by name

3. Sort by nick

4. Sort by description

5. Sort by created

6. Sort by visited

a) Ascending b) descending

i) Full View

ii) Split View

iii) Single Folder

Opera 7.11 "Altogether a better Internet experience"

  BurrWalnut 19:37 09 Jun 2003


After years of trying different methods of sequencing hundreds of Favorites. Here is the method I find the best. Rename your top level folders with a two digit prefix (01-99) followed by a space. I have "01 Finance..", "02 Forums..." through to "27 Art sites". I have Links and Media in Favorites but they are not prefixed as any IE updates always sets up another. Within each of them I have sub folders which I only prefix with a number if there are more than 10 of them. If there are fewer than 10 it is easy to spot the name you want. I have them displayed in a narrow pane on the left so I try to keep the names short otherwise a wider pane is needed. As new ones appear, the right click "sort by name" puts them in the right sequence.

  Jomi 19:44 09 Jun 2003

You mean they aren't meant to be kept in a jumbled heap??

  Stuartli 20:18 09 Jun 2003

Clicking on Favourites and then Organise should make the task easier.

  sorefingers 20:46 09 Jun 2003

Thanks anyway reckon someone who has problems organising favourites in Windows should switch to opera?
I don't think so1

  -pops- 06:48 10 Jun 2003

I think Pesala's on commission;-)


Im with Jomi on this one......

Seriously, When you go are in IE and go to "File - Import & Export - Export Favorites" there is a greyed out option to "Export to Application"

Does anyone know how to enable this as to be able to send the favorites to say Excel and organise them there would be a great help.

  The Spires 07:41 10 Jun 2003

sorefingers, you haven't lived to you surf at the Opera, it's true.

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