ordinary hi fi speakers

  bonze 16:26 25 Nov 2003

As I have several pairs of hi fi speakers at home I would like to know if I can incorperate them with my PC speakers or use them on their own instead of ones that came with my PC. Can anyone help bonze

  [email protected]@m 16:40 25 Nov 2003

I guess it would depend on your sound card. Are the speakers that came with the PC mains powered?

PS you don't have to say 'bonze' at the end, we know it's you ! :-)

  Diemmess 16:40 25 Nov 2003

Possible, but not very practical for a "simple" PC system..... Those that come with a computer usually have their own amplifier and independant power supply. The current from the computer itself is very small and though adequate for headphones is not enough to drive a speaker.

Speakers from a HI FI outfit can handle quite high currents from the PA in the main box, and things will not work out if you saddle the "just enough" power from the computer speaker setup.

  bonze 16:47 25 Nov 2003

Thanks everyone my qeustion has been answered I will get rid of old hi fi speakers

  byfordr 16:51 25 Nov 2003

If you had a spare amp and the appropriate leads to connect the pc to the amp, you should be able to use them

  Stuartli 17:14 25 Nov 2003

As byfordr states, if you can get an input from your computer sound card to an amplifier than you could drive your hi-fi speakers.

Remember most people use hi-fi speakers with 6amp or more mains cable or, for the easily kidded who believe they are getting better sound, special made and very expensive speaker leads...:-)

But with computer speaker systems from the likes of Altec Lansing and other top hi-fi manufacturers at remarkably low prices, these could be a better and easier option.

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