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orbrut bloatware software

  recap 11:37 24 Jan 2012

Hi all, I have been asked by my sister to help with getting rid of orbrut bloatware software. I have searched for the exact spelling my sister gave me via a text message, but it only come up with 'obrut bloatware software'. My sister is sure the spelling is 'orbrut' which I cannot find anything about.

Can anybody help on this please?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:39 24 Jan 2012

It simulates a slow or overloaded computer (spell "Obrut" backwards): see

Obrut should be removable in the usual way, from Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs.

  recap 11:00 25 Jan 2012

Thanks Ibanez2010 and Fruit Bat.

I have guided my sister through those steps including the link you have posted Fruit Bat.

I will be going round this Saturday so I will report back as to what I find.

Again my thanks.

  recap 07:42 30 Jan 2012

Hi folks,

I was able to have a good look over my sisters computer on Saturday. The message she told me she got was allegedly from Norton. It wasn't, I found that it was from a bogus website wanting to charge £28 to remove the infection.

I did do a full scan of her computer just to be on the safe side, and installed a couple of other programs like Malware bites to help her scan the computer. I have recommended she install more RAM as the computer only has 1GB at the moment, as my sister said the computer is slow. Well that is just part of why it was slow. There was around 20GB of pictures until I backed them up to an external drive I have loaned her. All the usual places were full as well - Recycle Bin, Temp folders and Cookies. I have given her a crash course in how to delete these folders.

Thanks for your suggestion Fruit Bat and Ibanez2010

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