Orange/Wanadoo problem

  montyburns 18:38 07 Jun 2006

I've got a number of email accounts, used for different purposes. They all started off as Freeserve, then turned into Wanadoo, now Orange of course (although the addresses haven't changed)

Some of them I just use for receiving mail, so after 90 days, they gets suspended. In Freeserve and Wanadoo days, I could get them going again no problem.

One's just timed out since the Orange takeover, and I can't get it back. Followed the usual route, but now there's an extra page "Join Us".... Tried clicking the link but it just keeps on the same page

Also tried looking for an email contact for them, but none are available (just get an annoying "Oops" message)

Are they trying to con me into having to actually pay to ring them....


  Forum Editor 19:37 07 Jun 2006

can't be free you know. These people are running a business.

  Fingees 20:58 07 Jun 2006

I use a couple of Email addresses other than my normal broadband Wanadoo, but I make sure I keep my pay as you go account alive on other services, by using dial up every month for a few minutes on their service.

the account then stays open, an only costs about 5 or 10 pence a month. Well worth it.

  montyburns 23:26 07 Jun 2006

"Everything in life can't be free you know. These people are running a business"

Fair enough, but my gripe was not so much about them doing this as not being able to access a page that I've been able to get to quite easily in "the old days" but now can't since the changeover. It seems a lot of pages haven't been updated and give errors.

Also, again in the old days, it was possible to email a simple query and get fairly rapid help. At the moment it seems you have no choice but to call an expensive help line. They must be feeling the pinch maybe? My heart bleeds for them.......

Anyway, sorted now, for what it's worth. I logged on using a different PC and it worked.

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