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  catpwss 14:53 24 Apr 2012

Hi,Does anyone know how long does orangehome keep emails on their server,How far back would it be possible to retrieve an email from maybe 2008 would be. Is that possible or can I say goodbye to 2006 email.And if the answer might be in my favour how would I get to it??. many thanks.

  Sea Urchin 15:50 24 Apr 2012

Orange allocate you an allowance of storage space on the server - usually 500Mb. Plus you can only have a maximum of 1000 emails in the Inbox.

See here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:01 24 Apr 2012

Usually they are downloaded from the server to your PC and removed from the server unless you have selected the option to save a copy on the server.

  catpwss 19:06 24 Apr 2012

Looks like that Iv'e had my chips. Many thanks both.

  Woolwell 19:51 24 Apr 2012

Your e-mail client may have automatically archived them and if you backed up your emails then they could still be found.

  catpwss 19:59 24 Apr 2012

Woolwell.How will I be able to find that,I have been on the orange webmail and all the emails that are there are only back to january 2011.As sea urchin said that only a thousand emails they hold,As you can imagine a thousand emails can easily mount up. Thanks.

  catpwss 20:02 24 Apr 2012

Update just looked at my orange webmail and at the top left it states 16% of 1GB.Does that mean anything?? Thanks.

  Woolwell 22:30 24 Apr 2012

Did you read the e-mails though Outlook Express or another email client or by webmail? If your emails are at orange webmail then I assume you have used webmail in which you are stuck.

The 16% could be filled by spam. Have you looked in the spam/junk folder?

  catpwss 08:49 25 Apr 2012

Yea Thanks for that info.I never used the web mail,Always used outlook express on the xp pc,Now use thunderbird on windows 7,But regarding spam folder cant seem to see a spam folder on the orange webmail. See screenshot.Thanks. [IMG][/IMG]

  Woolwell 08:57 25 Apr 2012

It is the junk folder. The 16% is almost certainly in your folders at the bottom..

As you have moved from one system to another I suspect that unless you kept a back up of the old emails then they have gone.

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