johndrew 15:12 08 Mar 2013

or whatever they call themselves now.

Today I have found everything very slow, down to around 3.5KB/s on downloads, with periods where no activity is seen at all. I have tried the usual of restarting the PC and router but nothing appears to help.

Are others suffering this type of problem with this ISP or does anyone have any suggestions as to the cause or remedial measures?

Thanks in anticipation.

  Zak 15:42 08 Mar 2013

Have you tried Livebox - factory reset

Bright Box Wireless Router - how to factory reset the router

If problem still there then I suggest you join and post on forums

You will get good advice and the posts are also monitored by an EE employee

  Woolwell 15:46 08 Mar 2013

When I was with Orange (left about 2 years ago) I found that at times they throttled my download speed typically when everyone had just got home from work.

  johndrew 16:15 08 Mar 2013

Thanks for coming back.

I'm using a Netgear DSG1000 router wired to both the PC and BT socket and have tried the recommended (by Orange) methods of correcting the problem to no avail.

The speed has been like this all day (since around 10:00 am). Interesting that I had an (unwanted) marketing call from them around mid-day trying to sell their new (expensive) service!!

  Zak 16:25 08 Mar 2013

I suggest you phone EE technical help and raise an incident with them. Posting the router stats on the thinkbroadband forum will also help.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:39 08 Mar 2013

Could be a defective filter or internal / external wiring

  1. unplug everything (phones, TV boxes etc.) except the modem and retry

  2. if still same swap the filter and retry

  3. try plugging the modem directly into the test socket behind the Telephone master plate and retry.

  johndrew 19:22 08 Mar 2013

Looks as if it was the ISP (DNS server?) as I have been unable to even get a connection to the internet. The lights on the modem which indicate connectivity were unlit as well. Using the W& troubleshooter indicated a 'DNS server may be unavailable'.

I 'phoned my son (he lives counties away from me) to see if he could access the Orange site on his BT connected PC and he managed to only get to the Home page with any other selection on the Orange site giving an 'Error 404' indication.

Although I am now connected I still am unable to access anything on the Orange site although I have received mail and have been able to post this.

Hopefully things will get back to normal(?) now.

  johndrew 19:23 08 Mar 2013

W& = W7

New fingers needed!!

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