Orange webmail problems

  johndrew 12:17 07 Nov 2012

Is anyone else experiencing problems accessing their webmail?

The problem/fault started yesterday evening - it was fine in the morning - now when I attempt to enter my webmail account using Firefox the 'check your e-mail' login dropdown doesn't appear and I have been unable to gain access through any other route. In IE I get the dropdown login but after entering details I get the message that I'm not online.

All a bit strange - probably an Orange fault.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:47 07 Nov 2012

No problems getting in using FF here

  spuds 17:06 07 Nov 2012


I often use that service when my ISP as webmail problems. You can set your own security rating when using the service. You will also have the option on how you want your webmail displayed.

  johndrew 14:43 09 Nov 2012

I have been in contact with Orange Support but they have been unable to suggest a cause for this sudden change in functionality.

To attempt to diagnose the cause I have: Carried out a full Anti-Virus scan both with my system and online with nothing found. Carried out a full Anti-Malware scan with two separate programs with nothing found. Carried out a HiJackThis scan and submitted the results for analysis with nothing found. Closed all Add-ons in Firefox to ensure there is no conflict. This had no effect. Reinstalled Firefox in case the software was broken. This had no effect. I have tried repeatedly to gain access using IE. Sometimes I can access webmail but it takes several attempts. However, if I get into webmail via IE and then change to Firefox using the button in the lower toolbar I am into webmail in Firefox. This indicates to me that either something in Firefox is blocking the dropdown or there is something incompatible in the Orange web page.

I can access all other areas of Orange and my account that I have always been able to. It appears to be webmail that is affected. I have installed no software between being able to access webmail with Firefox and the problem becoming apparent; i.e. between normal access in the morning and the inability in the evening of the same day.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?

  johndrew 11:09 10 Nov 2012

Using Firefox, at the Orange webmail page.

Above the two box outs in the main screen and below the black options bar an orange coloured "check your email" box with registration details fails to drop down as it should.

In IE the "check your email" dropdown appears but only links me to my webmail after a number of attempts sometimes.

In my browser in the bottom toolbar I have a small Firefox logo button which switches between Firefox and IE using IE Tab Plus

  johndrew 15:08 10 Nov 2012

Yes, but no changes to any of them between the process working and failing to work. I have also tried with all Add-ons disabled and it still fails to function - even after a full PC restart.

The problem makes no sense to me. If I had installed, uninstalled, updated or modified a process I could understand it more; but for it suddenly not function for no apparent reason ...

I contacted Orange in case they had upgraded something, but as with you they knew of no reason but suggested I update Java and Flash Player in case I was on older versions; my versions are fully up to date as I recognise the security inputs made in updates.

  johndrew 11:44 11 Nov 2012

I had a further e-mail from Orange Customer Support this morning. After several days of simply saying they had no problems, the opening paragraph reads,

"I am sorry to learn you are affected by the outage with the Orange email service. This issue will be resolved as quickly as possible."

Whether this means they have found a problem affecting some users or it is an incorrect statement I have no idea as yet, but it may be the beginning of the end!!

  Ian in Northampton 11:49 11 Nov 2012

I've been having the same problem. I went to check my email account, and didn't get the drop down I would normally get. I could find no other way of accessing it. Fortunately, it's a very old account that I only check every month or so, but it's still annoying.

  spuds 12:27 11 Nov 2012

Ian in Northampton

As previously mentioned, it might be worth trying if you are having access problems via the normal ISP service. When you go to the above website, you use your own original membership details, and use you own selected security level.

  woodchip 12:44 11 Nov 2012

I use Aol Mail also cannot log in with correct E-Mail and Password

  johndrew 15:42 11 Nov 2012

spuds will almost certainly work for most people - it does for me - but the point is that the ISP pages should function correctly.

I can also use IE to gain access - sometimes - and there is also a long winded method through my Orange account but where an update (and Orange have been doing one) causes failures it is unacceptable to those who pay for the service.

Unlike of course updates to sites where the service/access is free even though there is no such thing as a free site it is all paid for somewhere. Much as free lunches are.

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