Orange slow, or could it be browser!

  gazmix 20:21 16 Mar 2010


I'm with Orange Broadband plus & over the last few weeks its been very slow when doing certain things!!

Streaming vids i.e youtube is ok, but signing in & out of hotmail is soo slow & as is most other websites i browse!

I'm wondering if its my ISP or my browser as when i click on a Google find, i sometimes have to click it twice to get the page loading & the 'egg timer' next to the arrow disappears fast & the page loading bar just sticks & the 2 'tv's' in taskbar are off & on & often non active!

I've tried clearing clutter with ccleaner to no avail & am wondering as you can see if its my browser (latest firefox) or ISP.



  gazmix 19:14 08 Apr 2010

I'm not sure what exchange i'm connected at, is it the city the speedtest says?

The download speed says 4.33mbps & ping 60ms

is this lame?

i've posted on orangeproblems too!!

  RobCharles1981 19:26 08 Apr 2010

Is there anyway you can post your line stats from your router which I originally asked??

click here

Fill in the bits from the link and post back here.

  gazmix 19:38 08 Apr 2010

To login to my router admin took ages, stalling to load page/having to click on it twice etc!

I assume this is what you mean, if not, where in my admin is located what you want?:-


Connection status: Connected (0:01:27:29)
Connection mode: Always on
IP address:
MAC address: 00:01:E3:E9:51:85
Default gateway:
Preferred DNS server:
Alternate DNS server:
Downstream rate: 5043 kbps
Upstream rate: 604 kbps
PPPoE pass-through: Enabled

Status: Cable connected
Line mode: G.992.5 (ADSL2+)
Maximum line rate: 5043 kbps (downstream) / 604 kbps (upstream)
Noise margin: 8 dB (downstream) / 23 dB (upstream)
Line attenuation: 43 dB (downstream) / 22 dB (upstream)
Output power: 19 dBm (downstream) / 12 dBm (upstream)
Address Translation (NAT)

Status: Enabled
NAT table: No entries
Dynamic DNS

Status: Disabled

  scotty 09:39 09 Apr 2010

A couple of suggestions:

Try the IT support's usual suggestion - try turning it off and on again. Sometimes a reset of a router can have a dramatic effect.

If you are using a wireless router, try changing the wireless channel you are using.

Both these suggestions assume the problem is with your kit. If the fault is with Orange then this may not help, but worth a try anyway.

  gazmix 10:57 09 Apr 2010

i often turn the wired router on & off!

the problem mainly happens with hotmail & doesn't affect streaming on youtube etc at all!! Thats why i wondered if it was the browser!

  gazmix 19:20 11 May 2010

Ok, i went on click here & posted about my issue & was contacted by the Responce team via the website!
I was told i'd be contacted by phone which i was & was told to connect to the internet using the usual cables but minus the 'extension' cable i have to the BT socket downstairs! So i'd have to borrow a laptop!

I'm having difficulties borrowing a laptop, but my issue is, is that if i turn router off, leave a while, then on, it can either stay the same or speed up dramatically as Scotty says!
To me, this shows that it is an issue with the route & not the cable!
Does anyone agree with me??,
Orange refuse to think this & its my issue as they are giving me ample speed!!
They are sending me a new router though!!
Can anyone get on the above site at all!
All i get is:-

You don't have permission to access / on this server.
Apache/2 Server at click here Port 80

What could this be!! Have i been banned!!

  gazmix 22:28 11 May 2010

anyone please!!!??

  gazmix 10:49 12 May 2010

Woolwell, i have used an extension cable for over 2 years because the pc is upstairs & bt socket is downstairs! All has been ok in those 2 years, this problem has only just happened in the last 6 weeks or so!

Orange say that borrow a laptop & take it downstairs & connect my router direct into the wall, removing the extension! This way, according to Orange, would rule out any problems with the extension if my speed was good on a regular basis! I have no way of using my router wireless as my pc doesn't have wireless card! I'm using a yellow ethernet cable!

Last night, my speed was great! Pages loading fast, could have 5 tabs on browser open at once & all ok!
This morning, it actually took me 10 minutes to sign into hotmail & go into my inbox & the same to logout successfully! any more than 2 tabs open & i get 'problem loading page, connection to server was reset while page loading'also sometimes having to click the lonk more than once & then mostly i get a white page for ages!!

  gazmix 13:17 12 May 2010

ok, received a new Siemens router a few hours ago!, connected it up & all seems fine up to now touchwood!!
faulty old router maybe??

I needed to set my username & password in the internet settings, but do i need to cancel the settings for the old router?


  gazmix 14:44 14 May 2010

Am gonna check if the router still is the issue when i return home tomorrow & then i know for sure!!

Am wondering what has happened to click here

Does this mean the site is broke!!?


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