Orange slow, or could it be browser!

  gazmix 20:21 16 Mar 2010


I'm with Orange Broadband plus & over the last few weeks its been very slow when doing certain things!!

Streaming vids i.e youtube is ok, but signing in & out of hotmail is soo slow & as is most other websites i browse!

I'm wondering if its my ISP or my browser as when i click on a Google find, i sometimes have to click it twice to get the page loading & the 'egg timer' next to the arrow disappears fast & the page loading bar just sticks & the 2 'tv's' in taskbar are off & on & often non active!

I've tried clearing clutter with ccleaner to no avail & am wondering as you can see if its my browser (latest firefox) or ISP.



  RobCharles1981 20:40 16 Mar 2010

Assuming your using the livebox as your router. Follow the instructions to get your line stats and post them back here.

click here

  gazmix 20:46 16 Mar 2010

I'm using a Siemens router :-)

  Flak999 20:49 16 Mar 2010

I was with Orange until recently and had been with them since the old freeserve days. I left because of the same sort of problems that you are experiencing.

It got to the point where my "up to 8mg" connection was slower than dial up during peak periods, Orange have started using traffic shaping software and throttling of connections to limit their users access during peak periods.

If you go to click here you will find a forum filled with people with similar problems to your own.

The only answer for me was to change ISP. I am now with Zen and get a rock solid 6.9mg download and no latency problems 24/7. As with all things you get what you pay for!

  RobCharles1981 20:50 16 Mar 2010

Siemens Gigaset SE587

From the web interface click here

> Click on Status from the top menu.
> Select DSL Status from the left menu.

Default username = admin. Password = admin

  gazmix 20:54 16 Mar 2010

I know & i'm paying more for the shite i'm getting!!
I will change hopefully when my contract is up!, but up to recent its adequate for what i need & i get free Tech support!!
I'm juts wondering if its something Orange users are getting at the moment & not an issue with my pc or congestion my pc may have that i can sort myself, i dunno!

  gazmix 20:55 16 Mar 2010

Gigaset SE572

  gazmix 15:41 20 Mar 2010

This is still happening!

Sometimes i need to click on a link twice before a new tab opens & the page loading status bar at bottom left moves slowly & near the end it stops & the 2 small screens dim & brighten spasmodically.

It happens more with hotmail & says 'trouble signing out' when i sign out b& nothing happens!

  Salut 17:08 20 Mar 2010

If you really want to resolve your problem the simplest and honest way is to move to another provider - there are so many cheaper alternatives out there.

The additional benefit is that you do not get a load of bull from their "technical" people who read from a script and end up will telling you that the fault is with your equipment.

Flak999 is right, visit the given link for a host of others in the same position as yourself.

  gazmix 11:02 31 Mar 2010

I seen the link before, but i'm in an 18 month contract with Orange, so i guess its making the best of what i have got!

I'm not even sure if it is the ISP as youtube works ok & all film streaming sites so if it was the slow ISP, it would affect that i'm thinking!

When i click on a link or type in a web address i sometimes have to click on it twice for the page to load or the new tab to open!

It affects signing out of hotmail most & i get this when i do!

Windows Live ID
Sign-out isn't complete...

Finish signing out

Try clearing all of your browser cookies, and then close all browser windows.


I've used CCleaner to clear my cache, temp files, cookies etc.

When i 1st go online, all seems ok, its after that!

  gazmix 17:08 08 Apr 2010

This is still happening & getting worse.

Is there a way of checking my speed without downloading anything as the speed is so slow, its like downloading things on dial up!


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