Is the Orange server down?

  Salut 11:33 14 Nov 2008

Yesterday I lost access to the internet through Orange. The system is still unavailable today.

Spoke to a collegue who also uses Orange and they too cannot access the internet.

Has anyone else experienced problems in the Chester area?

  Salut 12:21 14 Nov 2008

Hmm! Without doing anything, internet now online-just where did those missing hours go!

  PA28 13:44 14 Nov 2008

There was a warning email from Orange some days ago advising that their server would be down yesterday for upgrade and the service would be interupted. You should still be able to access your emails through Outlook though (I could).

  VCR97 19:32 14 Nov 2008

Late yesterday, after several attempts to log in, I eventually received an apologetic notice saying that they were having problems. The service is still down. The best-laid plans of mice and men....

  ventanas 22:10 14 Nov 2008

I've had no problems at all. It's been working fine all day, and previous days. Perhaps it depends on where we are.

  Coltdragoon 22:20 27 Nov 2008

Probs the last 2 days - no Outlook Express connection with Orange. Internet's ok. I can access my email from the Orange website, which confuses me. Anyone else having this problem?

  Woolwell 22:31 27 Nov 2008

It would have helped to start a new thread.

I have no problems with Orange. Suggest that you check your Outlook Express settings.

  Coltdragoon 16:46 29 Nov 2008

Sorry about not starting a new thread, but I have never joined a forum before.
I am pleased to say that the situation has resolved itself after 3 days, without altering anything. I have experienced this situation before several times where Outlook Express goes down, but usually for anything from a few minutes to a day. 3 days began to rattle me. It has always apparently been Freeserve/Wanadoo/Orange at fault and it has righted itself. Some years ago with Freeserve, I was completely off-line for 5 days on Pay-As-You-Go. Went through all the settings in vain, but it just came back on in its own good time. All the best to those with probs - hope you get it sorted. Nice to know there are a lot of friendly people out there to help. Thanks!!

  Woolwell 17:42 29 Nov 2008

Welcome. Glad that it is sorted. It is unusual to lose e-mail and have internet unless the Orange server is down or there are problems with your settings.

If you continue to have line disconnections then it is probably worthwhile getting your line checked.

  Coltdragoon 11:32 30 Nov 2008

Many thanks for your advice Woolwell - I wish you problem-free computing in the future!

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