Orange mobile email service not responding

  veebeam 10:28 25 May 2010

is anybody else having problems accessing their orange email service (not their broadband service)?
Outlook stopped connecting to the pop and smtp servers, and the web access also crashes out after the authentication.
I am surprised nobody else seems to have noticed/complained.
I am not surprised that Orange have not noticed nor fixed this - they normally wait foir customers to tell them their services are down

  Seth Haniel 10:58 25 May 2010

think we must be the only ones on Orange as I have had a query unanswered for weeks in another forum :(

must be the poorest of suppliers - experience downtime EVERY evening

  Woolwell 11:15 25 May 2010

I'm with Orange and don't have any downtime and get a reliable service. I can access Orange e-mail too thought my mobile and through Outlook. I regularly downloaded gmail and other e-mails on my phone. I don't use the e-mail account at though and haven't set it up to receive through Outlook.

  Woolwell 11:22 25 May 2010

I don't normally look in the Mobile forum.

  waterloo2010 19:30 25 May 2010

Yes my orange email has stopped working.
The pop3 server does not respond and I can't use web mail either - after logging in the page just times out. I had another sim and that account worked until today - after I phoned orange and was told they have been having problems since the middle of May on certain accounts and expect it will be fixed by June!

  Al94 21:18 25 May 2010

I too am experiencing frequent outages on Orange email and data services in recent weeks.

  Orange Response 15:44 27 May 2010


We are aware of an ongoing issue affecting access to accounts for certain customers. The problem has been escalated to our engineers and we are awaiting feedback.

I understand this is causing inconvenience for those affected but please be assured that we are doing all we can to resolve the issue.

Orange Response Team

  waterloo2010 11:27 29 May 2010

I have had pop3 and web mail access over the last two days.

  Muergo 12:44 29 May 2010

So it took a complaint in PCA to get Orange to get their act together, I wouldn't bank on it staying that way.

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  veebeam 08:29 01 Jun 2010

all is back up and running again
thanks for sorting iy out Orange
and for taking the time to monitor and respond to this thread
- however, having a service like email down for 2 weeks, without even knowing it is broken does not sound like a reliable service.

It still seems very strange to me that waits on customers to alert them that their service is broken - and it costs the customers to phone in!!! It seems that this tiny bit of revenue is considered more important to Orange than their perceived reputation - certainly not a customer-centric service IMHO

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