Orange Livebox + Switch

  wtkwhite 20:13 08 Aug 2007

Hi guys,

We have recently acquired an Orange livebox and have been using it successfully for weeks until we completed the structured cabling system in our home. At this point, we added a switch connected to the Livebox's etherenet port. There are three things plugged in, 2 desktops and an xbox.

Here is the catch.

One PC running 2000 and the xbox can use the internet and co-exist happily, but as soon as the other PC is turned on, nothing can access the internet except a laptop connected wirelessly.

To make it work the XP machine must be turned off the the switch restarted.

I have done some research and am reasonably well informed on networking matters but am at my wit's end.

All I have come up with are posts which suggest that routers may be assigning DHCP addresses too, but as it is a switch I don't think this is likely. The switch works perfectly when the XP PC is off.

Please help.

P.S. We have tried before to set up a connection between the laptop and the XP PC using a crossover cable before using the wizard: could this have changed some setting?

  mgmcc 22:45 08 Aug 2007

When both PCs are running, do they each have a unique IP address in the correct range, i.e. the same Subnet as that of the router itself?

If "Internet Connection Sharing" has previously been set up, or fixed IP addresses allocated, there could be a problem with IP addressing or conflicts.

  wtkwhite 07:35 09 Aug 2007

Thanks for the reply,

Yeah, they both have a unique IP and subnet. The interesting thing is that when they are both plugged into the router directly, they work fine. What is the switch doing?

  wtkwhite 07:48 09 Aug 2007

Sorry, that was wrong.

If the XP PC is also on, the XP PC autoconfigs an IP, and the 2000 loses the connection and does an auto IP config. Basically, they lose the DHCP of the livebox, but autoconfig the subnet

Shutdown XP machine, restart switch, then the other PC and xbox are fine.

It is odd. I am becoming convinced that the XP machine is trying to control the network or something.

  mgmcc 07:56 09 Aug 2007

If the PC that causes the problem has previously had "Internet Connection Sharing" enabled on a direct connection to a Modem, its Local Area Connection will have the fixed IP address of which might work with the Livebox if its own address is something like However, it will still act as a DHCP server too, allocating addresses in the subnet, which might then mess up the other devices' internet access.

You can check if this is the case by running IPCONFIG /ALL in a Command Prompt window. In the details it shows, look to see if it says "IP routing enabled...Yes". If so, then you have "Internet Connection Sharing" enabled.

  wtkwhite 08:11 09 Aug 2007

Thanks for the info, will try now.

  wtkwhite 08:16 09 Aug 2007

I did that and it says routing is not enabled and media disconnected. It's not.

  wtkwhite 08:16 09 Aug 2007

Any other setting that could change?

  wtkwhite 08:27 09 Aug 2007

It seems to go through stages. Media disconnected, as an ip then assigning its own.

  mgmcc 11:07 09 Aug 2007

What happens if you actually give the problem PC a fixed IP address which is in the correct range but which doesn't conflict with the addresses of other devices?

For example, if the router's own IP address is then use something like:

IP address
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway (the Router's IP address)
DNS Server (the Router's IP address)

  wtkwhite 11:38 09 Aug 2007

I will try, but I do not have much faith: when the XP PC is plugged into the switch it can't even tell it's plugged in, yet the other devices stop working.

Thanks for the help, it might work.

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