Orange Livebox Broadband

  Hangus 11:10 25 Sep 2007

I am connected (sometimes) to the internet with Orange broadband using their Livebox. recently I have been losing my connection at random times during the day for about an hour each time. This has gone on for over a month now. I have used the technical helpline to the point that I am so despondent with them. I have done everything they have suggested, replaced cables/filters/factory reset/reinstalled everything several times, none of which made any difference. They sent a BT engineer to have a look and he could find no fault. When he plugged his test modem in, he was able to pick up a signal straight away. When he plugged the Livebox back in, it could not synchronise with the exchange to pick up the signal. Orange insist that the fault does not lie with the livebox, and BT have demonstrated that there is no fault on the line, yet I still cannot connect to the internet most of the time. It must be one or the other. I can access the livebox with my pc, but the livebox cannot connect to the internet. I am connected to it via an ethernet cable and use xp. Any ideas? i have tried a website called orangeproblems, but that does not fill me with any confidence that Orange can resolve the problem.

  wrg 11:44 25 Sep 2007

I had a similar problem and it turned out to be the livebox. They did eventually agree to replace it. I had only been on it for about 3 months. Are all your settings correct in the livebox.

  Jak_1 11:58 25 Sep 2007

Do the lights on the livebox indicate a connection ie a steady light or flashing at approx 1 flash per second or does it flash fast indicating a connection problem.

  Hangus 13:04 25 Sep 2007

WRG, yes the settings are all correct. It works sometimes but not others. It has been reset to factory settings more times than I can remember.
JAK_1 the lights flash alternately fast, then slow, then fast, then slow. This cycle repeats until it eventually connects back in itself if I just leave it alone for a while.

  wrg 13:54 25 Sep 2007

When you purchased your live box did they send you a USB modem, if so have you tried using that?
Have you done anything new on the computer (ie download software or loaded new software added any hardware). I know you say it happens randomly during the day but does it conincide with anything you are doing & I know it sounds a bit of the wall but anything that may be going on outside (ie raining). I have a friend who had a similar problem and after hours of doing this and doing that I asked to look at the point of entry for the phone line & it turns out that when it was raining water was trailing down the wire and getting into his main socket as a little gap had opened up where the entry was sealed.

  Hangus 15:46 25 Sep 2007

WRG I did not get a USB modem, only the livebox. I have not changed anything on the pc, but the livebox becomes disconnected even when the pc is switched off. I can tell this from the lights on the box. When it works the lights indicate it is in synch with the exchange even if I do not have the pc switched on. It does not seem to be connected with anything else I am doing. I thought it might coincide with the kids getting out of school, or street lights coming on, but as it occurs so randomly I cannot tie it down to anything like that. Sometimes at 7.00a.m., 11.30a.m., 5.00p.m., 6.00p.m., 11.00p.m.. The only thing I am doing at the time is trying to use it! The point of entry is sheltered underneath an overhang and is not susceptible to the elements. I will scratch my head and see if I can think of anything else like that.

  wrg 16:26 25 Sep 2007

I have to say that it sounds like it is a problem with the livebox. How long have you had it? If the BT engineer can get a connection with a test modem then surely this points to a livebox problem. Do you have anything else plugged into the livebox?

  wrg 16:34 25 Sep 2007

Have you tried plugging the cable into the yellow socket? I do not know how to do a link but I have just read posts from people with same problem as you who were asked by Orange to try the yellow socket and it seems to have worked.

  Hangus 17:54 25 Sep 2007

I have had the live box about 4 years there is nothing else plugged into it. I have not tried the yellow socket. Orange have always insisted i use the red one. I would be interested to try that if i could find a post that tells me how to do that exactly. I am not very good with computers.

  bluebell 18:06 25 Sep 2007

Had similar problems,and been told all sorts of stories from their helpline. My BT engineer proved a livebox problem using his test kit and also by connecting a speedtouch 330 usb adsl modem. This worked. I wrote to Customer Care in Rotherham, listing the actions I had taken, (3 weeks loss of service etc). Got a new livebox and 2months free broadband. The following also has worked for me. Go to IE, clear the address bar. Type in See Inventel. Go to Access to Config Pages. Type in Usr name "admin" and password "admin" (no quotes). Validate. Go to Internet and type in your user name and password.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:12 25 Sep 2007

I have not tried the yellow socket. Orange have always insisted i use the red one.

Just unclip the cable from the red socket on the livebox and push into the yellow socket.

It will reconnect straight away, you do not need to do anything else.

When you loose connection

Do you get no1 led lit?
or do you just lose no2 led?

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