Orange Internet Router Settings Needed (Please)

  ldare_2000 16:54 07 Jul 2008


I'm setting up a router for use with Orange Broadband.

Is a Siemens Gigaset SE587 WLAN dsl

Are the following settings correct:
Encapsulation Method : LLC
VPI : 8
VCI : 35
Authentication : Auto
Username (correct)
Password (correct)
User Idle Timeout 0

The router came originally from Tiscali, but don't see why I can't use it with Orange?

I get a green ADSL light, but red Online light?


  Fingees 17:07 07 Jul 2008

It might just be that it's locked to orange.

If so, Tiscali would have to unlock it.

Just a thought.

  Fingees 17:08 07 Jul 2008

Soory, meant locked to tiscali

  crosstrainer 17:30 07 Jul 2008

If you can access the router / modem admin screen then you SHOULD be able to cahnge the settings for Orange.

You can get them from:

click here=$solution_id&docPropValue=kb5871

Follow the instructions here.

  ldare_2000 08:20 09 Jul 2008


thanks for the posts so far, that link seems to be about USB modems rather then routers.

Does anyone have the details or a link to the exact settings an Orange Router should be configured too?

also is Orange PPPoE?


  ambra4 08:33 09 Jul 2008

Use these setting

Connection Type = PPPoA

Encapsulation Method: VCMUX

VPI: 0

VCI: 38

Authentication: Auto

Username (correct)

Password (correct)

Keep Alive: On

User Idle Timeout: 3420


  ldare_2000 09:15 10 Jul 2008

Thanks so much

Works fine now :-D

  ambra4 11:53 10 Jul 2008

Always glad to help


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