Orange and IE7

  ventanas 15:30 19 Oct 2006

Has anyone using Orange installed it yet, because their Tech Support has just told me that they don't yet support it and it shouldn't be installed, which I think is disgraceful considering the time they've had.

I don't actually believe the person I spoke to, unless there is a problem with their toolbar. I'm going to ring again in a while and will hopefully speak to someone else, and will probably get a different answer.

  Belatucadrus 16:09 19 Oct 2006

I can believe that Orange don't officially support IE7, after all it's still a Beta so is subject to whatever developmental changes Microsoft deem necessary. Orange will probably wait for the official release before making any official commitment to being compatible with it.
That said when I tried IE7 on a Wandoo/Orange account, it worked OK, I just didn't find it offered any advantages over Firefox so removed it. Like Orange I'll await the official release before making up my mind finally.

  GaT7 16:12 19 Oct 2006

Belatucadrus, it's no more a beta, but only just been released click here. I can also understand that Orange don't support it yet. G

  ventanas 16:12 19 Oct 2006

IE7 released today

click here The beta is finished.

  anskyber 16:26 19 Oct 2006

Its today.

  Woolwell 17:52 19 Oct 2006

I've installed IE7 and have Orange Broadband. No problems at all. I wonder if Orange know what they are talking about.

  Woolwell 17:54 19 Oct 2006

PS I don't use the Orange toolbar and haven't got it installed.

  anskyber 18:10 19 Oct 2006

"If you are having problems with Internet Explorer 7 hanging, crashing, silently closing or other bizarre behavior, an incompatible toolbar or other add-on maybe involved. The fastest way to determine if an add-on is causing the problem is to run Internet Explorer 7 with no add-ons. You can do this by going to Start, clicking All Programs, click Accessories, click System Tools and click Internet Explorer (No add-ons). This disables all add-ons from loading in that instance of Internet Explorer. If the problem goes away, you can manually disable specific add-ons to find the specific one causing the problem. Below are instructions on how to manually disable a specific toolbar and a list of known incompatible toolbars that can cause serious issues with Internet Explorer 7."

Is what MS say.

  flyboy 19:59 19 Oct 2006

Using Orange BB and just finished downloading/ installing IE7 on my Dell . Before installing I closed ewido and avast. Rebooted . No problems in this first hour or so of use. Tabs seem to load pretty quickly. Might stick with it.

  Tick Tock 3 20:14 19 Oct 2006

I am not using orange but so far crashes,hanging and very slow.

  Belatucadrus 20:24 19 Oct 2006

So they finally got round to released IE7, I decided to go have a look but when I clicked on the link to the IE7 page, avast! hit the roof reporting an attempt to install Malware VBS:Zulu. OK so it's probably a false positive, but what are Microsoft doing on a webpage that requires a behind the scenes download that triggers security software ?

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