Orange homepage issue with WinME

  vitrocmax 22:10 26 Nov 2007

The issue I am having is with a fairly old but still good PC running Windows ME. The machine has been used for web browsing and email, so far no problems. Everything on the machine, including the broadband is running OK.

Since last week, on starting up IE6 (we cannot update to IE7 while using ME, according to Microsoft, and there is not sufficient reason to install a new OS), as soon as the Orange homepage is halfway through loading the 'Internet Explorer has encountered an error...' screen pops up, asks if we would like to tell Microsoft, and then restarts.

Every time IE starts does this happen, unless a selection to an alternative site is made from the favourites list. I tried Google, then after it worked, Amazon and BBC, all load fine. The Orange homepage will not load. Since my email is Orange webmail, this is frustrating.

The workaround has been simply to make Google the homepage, IE starts normally, and then as the Orange page begins to load it is possible to click on the email link before IE crashes out. Everything works perfectly from then on, until I go back to Orange homepage.

I would be interested to know if anyone else has experienced this?

(sorry it's a long post but I tried to cover all the facts)

  kjrider 22:33 26 Nov 2007

Try another browser like Firefox or Opera.

  vitrocmax 23:36 26 Nov 2007

Thanks, kjrider, great idea but unfortunately not so simple. I'm tech support for my mother and I don't think she could handle the Firefox install.

The PC is used by my mother at the other end of the phone and the 'we' is a team effort of me on the phone talking through the issues and the workaround.

I use Firefox at home, next time we visit I'll probably install it but for now it's a case of living with it. It is only one web page.

I'm guessing there's something (a banner, or an applet) that doesn't work properly with the configuration she has.

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