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  SURVEY 16:36 19 Jun 2010

I have had problems in the past with freeserve,wanadoo and orange but remained loyal to them. The maximum broadband speed that I can achieve would appear to be 1.8 and this only came about when after a fault on the line was found and repaired, my profile was reset by Orange. Gradually this has slipped back to a steady 1.2. As I have a phone package with BT for anytime unlimited calls I have considered changing my broadband to BT. Orange presently charge me £19.99 a month; BT would be £15.65 a month (after their initial free 3 month offer.

I phoned BT to enquire what speed they could give me and their website says 0.256!! if I am a BT customer or 2.0 if not!!!? Something is wrong here with their website but the sales staff are not prepared to agree with this fact! I spoke to BT’s technical help (regrettably in India, as is Orange) and one can barely understand the accent. However eventually I was told that BT cannot guarantee any minimum speed but their standard practice is to start off at 0.5 and then build up from there. So, I sign an 18-month contract with no idea what speed I will eventually get. I assume that I will at least get what I am at present but BT will not say this! What to do? Any advice?

  Jameslayer 17:00 19 Jun 2010

Have a look at click here

  RobCharles1981 17:35 19 Jun 2010


First things first, I wouldn't either bother with Orange or BT I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole.

First thing we need to see are your line stats what is the make of your router is it an Orange Livebox?

The Line Stats will determine your true speed on what you are likely to get with your line.

The Next thing - What does samknows say you can get at your exchange? click here

Jameslayer suggested Be and they are good too. If you can answer the above questions then we can get down to business.

  Poitier 19:19 19 Jun 2010

The low speed might not be the fault of your ISP.There are instructions for getting your line stats on this site. click here

  SURVEY 19:24 19 Jun 2010

RobTheOrganGuru - Only going to BT because I have everything else with them. My router is a Belkin, not a livebox. Having had a good BT tech chap visit he told me that the line should give me 2.0. The reason for not any more is because the house is old and the cable route must be both old and also circuitous; we are also a long way from the exchange in a rural village. What I want to ensure is that my speed is no slower thatn I am presently getting with Orange.

  RobCharles1981 20:52 19 Jun 2010

Three Things For You.

1. As Poiter and I pointed Out We Need You To Post your Line Stats from your Router to work out what your speed is at.

2. If I was you don't jump the Gun Just Because "You Everything With BT" Is not the way forward.

3. Go To Samknows As I previously pointed out and tell us if there are any LLU Providers in your exchange?



  ventanas 21:11 19 Jun 2010

I was with Orange for years and about 18 months ago I left them for BT and i still don't know why. About the worst thing I ever did. The BT connection was often down and when it did work it was much slower, and their email service was a joke. Needless to say I'm now back with Orange, everything is working smoothly, much faster connection, and I'm happy.
Don't listen to the rubbish some people spout. I have had no problem with Orange over many years.

  SURVEY 21:47 19 Jun 2010

OK, just checked my router details. Speed shows as 1856 downstream/448 upstraem; Attenuataion 51 down/26 up; SNR 10 down/18 up. When I meadure speeds using difrenet broadband speedtests I am getting 1200/370.

  northumbria61 21:49 19 Jun 2010

I have been with BT (up to 8MB ) for some time now without any problems - and currently hitting 6.9 most days. Having said that I am only 1 mile from their exchange !

  SURVEY 21:50 19 Jun 2010

ventanas - This is a concern. As BT seem unable to even say they will be able to match my present speed, I do worry about signing up with them at all. Surely they must be able at least to match my present speed if I am getting it now via Orange through what is apparently BT equipment at the exchange!

  SURVEY 21:51 19 Jun 2010

northumbria61 - I am a long way from the exchange. Some in our village can only get dial-up, some 500, my neighbour gets 4000, a neighbour three houses away gets 3000. I get 1200.

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