Orange and Broadband problems?

  compumac 16:21 11 Apr 2007

I have received a phone call from a friend who has just purchased a laptop with Windows Vista.
The lady has a problem in that for some reason she cannot connect to Orange Broadband and the helpline which is a premium number have not been over helpful as they would appear to be based overseas with a lack of knowledge of English as is spoken. She has asked as she is not computer literate at all if I could go and have a look at the problem, but I am unable to visit until the weekend so I am not fully aware of the difficulties she has been experiencing. The purpose of this thread is to see if anyone knows of any problems of accessing Orange broadband using Vista so that I might be forearmed.

  anskyber 16:27 11 Apr 2007

I do not use Orange but there is a general issue about the modems some ISPs use.

At the moment not all modem manufacturers have issued drivers which will work with Vista. Obviously checking with the manufacturers web site will be a good start.

Alternatively if the laptop has a network card (it probably will) and has an ethernet connection then drivers will not be needed to make the connection using a modem/router.

  skidzy 16:36 11 Apr 2007

Im on Orange broadband and have a Vista machine.

Does your friend have a usb speedtouch 330 modem or wireless modem.

If usb modem,make this the first driver installed (before any other devices) this will reduce driver conflicts.There is a beta driver about if indeed a speedtouch modem.

  compumac 22:49 12 Apr 2007

I found that the problem was with the NEW (RJ11??) cable cable supplied by Orange that connects from the Speedtouch 330 to the laptop being faulty and fitting a new cable solved the problem. - One would not have expected a new product to be faulty. We are now able to connect to the Internet via Orange Broadband. We have a slight problem in setting up an e-mail acccount as Orange does not appear to accept the user name/password combination given by Orange.
Are Orange and Orangehome two separate entities?

  skidzy 22:55 12 Apr 2007

When setting up the account via properties/servers...some use one of wanadoo/freeserve/orangehome

If this is a new account,i would assume its

  laurie53 08:43 13 Apr 2007

Orange have been having problems over the last few days, and it could be an unfortunate coincidence that this lady is trying to connect at the wrong time.

T have had to reset the router (Livebox) a couple of times, on one occasion (last night) two straight resets one after the other.

Unplug the router from the power mains power supply for fifteen minutes and try again. You may need to do this more than once


  johndrew 09:57 13 Apr 2007

One of the problems I noticed with Orange is they have done away with the clear instructions for installation. They used to provide a booklet with the CD and the CD was a walk through. When my daughter recently got her own (Orange) connection she found the instructions a bit confusing. One of the most important points is not to connect the modem to the PC (assuming it is a Speedtouch 330 modem being used) prior to full installation of the software. If you do the system doesn`t work and you need to start from scratch again.

  johndrew 11:50 13 Apr 2007

If you can contact them by e-mail, this may help click here Scroll to the bottpm for the e-mail link.

  pcmonkey 15:15 31 May 2007

i recommend getting a router its worth upgrading for £5 and they give you the live box. I could not get the usb modem supplied to work with vista.
I had the same problems getting through to orange on the phone, until i told them they'd be hearing from my lawyer (they were still charging me for no internet). they soon rang back

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