Orange Broadband Disconnection

  heavymetalkid 23:20 02 Dec 2006

Can I update my post of a few days ago, regarding my Orange Broadband regular disconnection? In August, Orange e-mailed all their subscribers, informing them that they would be supplying a much improved, better and, I believe more powerful service. That is about the time that I began to regularly lose my connection.. Friends with more computer savvy than me, tell me that now my USB Modem is unable to cope and needs replacing. Anyone agree or got any opinions?

  Dipso 23:39 02 Dec 2006

I asked you to provide more info to try and help you click here

I'd agree with your mates though, modem/routers do work better than USB modems.

  heavymetalkid 00:02 03 Dec 2006

Dipso,profuse apologies I missed your post. Just downloaded it and it went straight to desktop...nothing in tray. Re your instructions, I right clicked but no "Advanced" there at all.

  Dipso 00:45 03 Dec 2006

Did you unzip and install the program heavymetalkid?

Santa's coming to town how about getting him to bring you a B-Grade router from click here? I got a Speedtouch 585 for £30 delivered and it's been fine and a 30 day warranty for reassurance.

  heavymetalkid 00:50 03 Dec 2006

Unsure...not an opened? By the way, Orange are sending me an Ethernet Modem next week. Think this'll do it?

  Dipso 00:58 03 Dec 2006

Re: Dr need to right click on the download and select unzip then double click on the program and it should install.

If they are sending you a ethernet modem that should be an improvement on the USB one. Do you know which?

  heavymetalkid 09:22 03 Dec 2006

Morning Dipso, I fear I might be trying your patience here. When I click on your link, it downloads to my Desktop...nowhere else. Now, when I right click on that I get a load of options. However, unzip is not one of them-am I missing something? Leaving for work now, back tonight. Gracias amigo.

  Dipso 20:43 03 Dec 2006

Don't worry, probably me not explaining clearly.

When you right click on the downloaded file do you get the option extract files? If so, select that and it should unzip the files. There should be a file called setup.exe or similar. Double click on that and let the program install.

After it has installed you right click on the icon in the system tray.

  heavymetalkid 21:03 03 Dec 2006

Greetings Dipso, before I try again may I test you further? I've just tried to download updates for Spywareblaster and I get told it can't connect to Server. Then I tried to load my Windows Defender ant it won't even appear. I get "Failed To Initialise...0x80070002. I can't even find Defender on "Add Or Remove Programs" to uninstall!. Could it be connected to my unzip downloads. Can you advise?

  jarani 21:10 03 Dec 2006

I am on orange BB and have no difficulty with any disconnections - jarani

  Dipso 21:19 03 Dec 2006

The problems you are experiencing aren't likely to be to do with the download, expecially as you haven't installed the program yet.

Looks like the error code is more to do with Windows Update click here=

As you're getting another modem, don't go any further with the zip and wait to see what you get with the new hardware.

Post back if things don't improve and I'll be happy to help.

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