Orange broadband cut off

  heavymetalkid 22:27 16 Jun 2006

I'm with Orange-previously Wanadoo. Very occasionally I lose the connection. It's not a regular occurrence but it does happen. I've got dial-up broadband. Can anyone help?

  Woolwell 22:55 16 Jun 2006

I'm with Orange as it now is. It does happen but infrequently. Depends on many things - quality of your line, distance from telephone exchange, Orange themselves, how many other users in your area are connecting at the same time.

By the way Broadband is not dial-up but I suspect that to connect through the Speedtouch or Livebox you are treating it like dial-up.

If it gets bad contact Orange. Finding their phone numbers on their webiste is really difficult. It is article kb6571. The number you want is 08700102462 - at national rates.

  Woolwell 22:56 16 Jun 2006

try website instead of webiste

  heavymetalkid 23:57 16 Jun 2006

Greetings Woolwell and thanks. Actually, even though I said it happens only occasionly,it's cut off four times tonight...never so often before. I was led to believe it was "always on". Yes, I called it dial-up because I still have to connect to it each time I boot up. Do you know if there's any way of by-passing that, so it's always on?

  Woolwell 00:09 17 Jun 2006

I think that you need to get your line checked. It shouldn't drop that often. I get it about once a fortnight or less.

Never found a satisfactory way of by-passing it until I got a wireless modem/router which is always on.

  heavymetalkid 00:58 17 Jun 2006

Ah, I need a different modem...I see. Well it's remained on now for more than an hour, so maybe it was an Orange overload problem. Thanks pal.

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