Orange broadband !!!!

  pokemom 20:54 01 Jun 2006

I see from the post on yr page about the free broadband that orange are talking about ,but is it reall y free because is also say s in the post ::Only Orange customers who subscribe to a post-pay plan of £30 or more per month are eligible for the free broadband offering, which also includes a wireless modem and a VoIP (voice over IP) service.

,but obviosly the real question is! Is this really free well obviosly to me from this post ,that you have to subscribe to a £30 plan to qualify ??? i would appreciate some sort of further info on this as im a virgin user and im waiting for the catch up with all the networks !??? ( with al the money bransons got you`d think it would be soon ,but i doubt it !),as say o2,voda europa,and orange is big in the nether lands but if it not free whts the point of the annoucment or is it just marketing ????,im sorry if im just a bit confu=sed also ,soz if i put this in the wrong section ,as i only normally use this one. thanks again

  Gongoozler 07:31 02 Jun 2006

Hi pokemom. Of course this isno more free than when your local supermarket offers "buy one get one free". It costs a lot of money to provide a broadband service, so Orange, being in business to make money for their shareholders can't give the service away. What you have to do is to look at the whole package. If the £30 plan with broadband included is better value than your present plan and broadband from another ISP on top, then it's worth going for. In a similar way if Talk-Talk Talk3 plan with broadband thrown in is better value than your present landline plan and broadband on top then that's probably worth having. Technically these offers are free because you aren't being charged any extra for them, but as with all loss-leaders they are aimed at getting you to buy something you wouldn't otherwise have bought - and they're excellent publicity.

  dms05 08:07 02 Jun 2006

If you use your mobile a lot and Orange have a suitable tariff for you then their 'free' Broadband is in fact a 'no additional cost' broadband. If you are paying another provider for your Broadband then you save that cost.

It stikes me that the Carphone Warehouse offer has a broader appeal as it isn't as demanding on qualification for it's 'free' service and for £21/month you get non-mobile telephone calls included.

Will Virgin now offer a landline/mobile/broadband deal? However the more you include the less people qualify as each part limits the number of potential users who might be interested.

  pokemom 23:50 02 Jun 2006

That is a very good point in the sense that there is a large population that has a mobile bill of over say,£30 a month,also benefiting by not using the 1mb dload at sum stupid price of 3£ a go ,i understand from that sense ,but also with bt s package of uder 25£ you get free national +local plus mobiles at 3.61pence amin when from anormal land line it s 9p off peak 15 peak ,pardon me for that ,For an extra 7£ a moth with a new internet router connection ,let alone throught the router ,but suppose to point it when they catch up with Carphone Wherehouse hopefully 8 mg or higher will be as cheap as chips ,and then we`ll all be laughing ,Sorry back to Orange ,ya see im trying to convince my mate to get his home line connected rather than pay silly money to Orange ,!!:)

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