On or Offline during Program Installations ?

  Tinkey Winkey 09:24 24 Jul 2004

We're told to close all programs before installing /uninstalling something.

With regard to dial-up connections - does it matter if I'm online as this is a running application is it not ?

As it's not possible to disconect on Broadband I assume it's alright to Install/Uninstall Online with your anti-virus and firewall running withought any problems ?

  jonnytub 09:32 24 Jul 2004

Very rarely would it be a problem if you installed/uninstalled whilst online, i think this is safegaurd advice for ourselves incase the installation crashes the pc whilst you were possibly in the middle of something and incurred sata loss.

  jonnytub 09:32 24 Jul 2004

sata loss? Data loss more like :-#)

  jonnytub 09:33 24 Jul 2004

damn it, cant even get a smiley face right this morning (hangover hell)

  ste_bla 10:40 24 Jul 2004

Ive never had any probs installing s/w with AV on so only have it off if first install dont work prehaps?

Also depending what BB connection (modem type) you can d/c, also aslong as your not d/l while doing installs should be okay with just firewall..

However if installing software from lesser known software maker/pirate not a good idea having AV off..

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