Optimal settings Ive tried to find the Optimal set

  AaNnDdYy 22:11 03 Apr 2006

ings for my Pc`s and all ive found is pages of other poeples problems ,being the kind of guys you are and have helped me imensely in the past i was wondering if you know a company that can tell you optimal or best performance settings etc... for pcs as i have such a slow pc for my wife it breaks my heart that i dont have money for new ones ,and was thinking instead of all these apps ,surely ther must be an easier or safer or correct way of boosting a pcs performance without over clocking ?????????

  VoG II 22:21 03 Apr 2006
  gudgulf 22:38 03 Apr 2006

What is the pc and which version of Windows?

There is a limit to what can be done with any pc but if you let us know something about it and what it is used for that will make it easier to help you.

  AaNnDdYy 22:48 03 Apr 2006

well hers the sad bit ,its the wifes first its a old gigabyte board model i440BX-W977 , pentiun2 with 327 ram and the other is Amd duron k7 900mhz wit 327 ram ,

  woodchip 22:52 03 Apr 2006

Check the BIOS. When it starts try tapping Del + Delete Key to enter BIOS Setup. use arrow key then enter to open a page, Page up, Page down to alter settings or use the arrow keys. Save and exit to save changes, Escape closes a page

  AaNnDdYy 22:59 03 Apr 2006

sorry both on xp pro sp2 aswell

  AaNnDdYy 23:02 03 Apr 2006

yeah woodchip me ol pal i know all that the prob is i m not sure whats the best setting to put into them as when i over clocked one by mistake it would nt boot up ,,but in mays edition of your mag it tells you how to get out of the situation but as this happened before it was out. i had to reset the cmos as i didnt know any diff at the time but after reading the new mag i think it was an F button you hold for it t automatically reset to a default setting,but sure that was then ! thanks

  AaNnDdYy 23:10 03 Apr 2006

i didnt mean the "thanks " at the end to sound sarcastic , i beg yr pardon

  gudgulf 23:36 03 Apr 2006

Well both meet the minimum requirements for XPpro.......you have lots of advice on your other thread(which I only just noticed) so I 'll not go over that lot again.

I've only recently set up XP Home on a 700MHz Celeron based pc with only 256Mb of RAM and that runs fine as a web browser/word processor.

No special settings used.....all Windows default settings in fact.

The best advice I can give you is this.......from a clean install add only the drvers and programs you absolutely need.Aim for a lean,mean machine with no excess fat.......that will give you the best possible performance.Much better than using the many "optimisation" programs out there to try and tweak an existing setup......although there are a number of tweaks that might help they are best left until you have the basic system running correctly in the first place.

Windows Xp has many drivers built in for older chipsets and so it is worth adding only those that are not available in Windows.Open Device Manager and check for yellow exclaimation marks that indicate problems.

Add only the programs you will use.....many load at startup and will hog available RAM and cpu time,potentially slowing the system down.Many have become "bloated" over time and assume you have the computer power to cope.If you do add a program that slows things down uninstall it and ask on the forum...there will almost certainly be a less sytem hungry alternative known to someone on here.

Take care when selecting an antivirus program as some are notorious system resource hogs too.Any of the free ones will be fine.

Use SpywareBlaster to protect your pc as it does not use any system resources once installed and use an "on demand" antispyware scanner such as Ewido or Adaware or A2 rather than a background an active background scanner such as Windows Defender.

keep the pc as clutter free as possible.....of all the applications recommended to you in the other thread CCleaner is the "must have" program.

Defragment the hard drive reasonably frequently.

That's about the best you can do.

  hzhzhz 23:55 03 Apr 2006


A great piece of advice.

  AaNnDdYy 16:23 06 Apr 2006

nice one fair play to you , i have the full mcafee security centre on the really slow one but i say its still reasonably quick see the amount of ram i have in it,also i have adaware aswell,,thanks very much ,,i always keep my threads cause the advice and links always come in handy so i will definatly keep the advice.cheers

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