Optical mouse and makes my hand tingle and burn

  Stu_70 23:12 04 Aug 2013

I am wondering if anyone else has this problem of hand tingling while using an optical mouse or even their touch-pad ... seems a lot of people are getting the same thing ... and no its not a arm position thing .. nor is it a pinch or anything like that .. its a tingling similar to electricity ... but in a mild manor and it gets worse as you continue to use the optical mouse or touch-pad . here are some other comments people have made ...the only difference is im using a Toshiba

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  Stu_70 23:18 04 Aug 2013

Was meant to say Optical mouse and touch pad makes my hand tingle and burn

  wee eddie 04:23 05 Aug 2013

It's probably RSI, but possibly a trapped nerve.

Look to the shoulder, but possibly the elbow rather than the hand

  morddwyd 07:02 05 Aug 2013

Yes, sounds like RSI. If it is it can only get worse.

When I was still in H&S I used to suggest trying a trackball. It sometimes helps.

Try to get one with a central ball, rather than a thumb operated one.

  Stu_70 03:11 06 Aug 2013

ok i think i found something ... this seems to adress the issue...something we all should be interested in .

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  Stu_70 03:13 06 Aug 2013

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity

  morddwyd 08:16 06 Aug 2013

The key word is in line 2 of your link -"purportedly"¬

Like brains being cooked by mobile phone microwaves, there are lots of anecdotal cases, and many conflicting scientific surveys, but as yet no-one has come up with incontrovertible scientific proof.

If such proof did exist, the unions would be supporting the thousands of office workers with similar symptoms. As it is, they claim for RSI.

  spuds 14:08 06 Aug 2013

I don't know about Electromagnetic hypersensitivity,but there as been quite a bit of discussions on the subject. But one thing I do know, is damaged nerves and how that can effect some daily activities.

A number of years ago, I had a minor motorcycle accident, which according to an A&E consultant at the time, stated "nothing seriously wrong- a bit of possible bruising- take paracetamol and rest - everything should be fine in a few days". That man could not have been further from the truth, things turned out far worse, with the end results of operations or the choice of various operations.

One part was the finding of nerve damage, and after further tests I was given the option of an operation or let nature takes its own action. It was clearly stated, the operation would have resulted in 'improvements, nothing or possible lack of future body movement and functions, or even death". I chose "let nature take control", but some days I still wonder if that was the right or wrong decision, when 'tingly' comes into being, and anything I touch doesn't seem real. Even catching the back of your hand on a hot cooker mesh sometimes doesn't show emotions, because it isn't until later, that you realise what you have done?.

What can be said though, there are some tests available, similar like accupuncture, where a number of needles are inserted in the body at various points, and 'electric readings' are taken and recorded. Apparently, when I had my tests done, the team conducting the test said that I had "hit the jackpot", whatever that meant. I didn't bother to find out, perhaps I should have?.

  Diemmess 19:08 10 Aug 2013

New Mouse, new way of holding it. You are probably holding the mouse in suspense and most of your arm too, This soon tires the whole shoulder particularly the large Trapezius muscle which connects the neck and the top of the shoulder/arm. I'll bet you get a burning sensation in this area.

Time for a re-think. Arrange the hand so that the heel of the hand is resting on the mouse mat area and this can rest the arm too. let the fingers make the movements.

I had this bother when when using a tablet and pen for the first time, when in fact I so liked the precision I was using the pen all the time. Soon had an aching shoulder and fortunately didn't need to have expert advice or find exotic names for this ache

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