Optical mouse for gaming? Recommendations please!

  Tonycooper3 18:17 20 May 2005

I don't want something that looks too outlandish - I'd prefer something that looks fairly plain - just black or silver would be cool.


  Kate B 18:30 20 May 2005

Gosh, mice are so personal - all about the shape and size of your hand. These get good reviews from gamers
click here

though I've never tried one myself.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 18:32 20 May 2005

but it all depends what you mean by outlandish - I thinks it's quite reserved!click here

  Arthur Scrimshaw 18:34 20 May 2005

that IS outlandish!

  Tonycooper3 19:10 20 May 2005

Cheers for the tips guys.

Kate - that Razor thingy is definitely leaning towards the outlandish - I don't think it would match my sober-looking setup :)

Arthur - yeah, I've seen a few favourable reviews of that Logitech mx518 too. It's definitely a strong contender.

  Dorsai 19:26 20 May 2005

I personally use a cordless Packard bell.

It's a Co-5p.

The extra buttons on the side are useful for swapping weapons foward/backward. The scroll button in some games can be linked to 'zoom'...

Don't know if it's still ont he market though.

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