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Optical mouse

  exdragon 09:08 01 Feb 2003

Morning - can anyone remember the name of the optical mouse which always seems to come top in any reviews? Can't remember whether it's Microsoft or Logitech.

I changed to a trackball 18 months ago after an op for carpal tunnel syndrome, but now my thumb is giving me problems, so I want to change to a different mouse.

  exdragon 09:19 01 Feb 2003

I've had a look in google, but the name doesn't spring to mind - on refelction, I think it may have been logitech, as I read a review, dashed out to buy it but forgot the name before I reached the shop, so bought what I thought it was!

  graham 09:32 01 Feb 2003

I have had a Microsoft InteliMouse Explorer for five years. You can program the buttons to give double-click, etc.

  Pauper 10:47 01 Feb 2003

I too use a ms intelimouse explorer at home, a combination of a small mouse at work which I need for speed on a cad system and a small mouse at home was causing strain on my wrist and fingers, the intelimouse helps stop this by breaking the cycle and forcing me to move my arm rather than just my wrist/fingers due to its size and shape, but as AMD 4 ever states, try before you buy. If possible also have a chair with an arm to act as a support and sit at you desk with the lower half of your arm parallel to the desktop, this will all help, (provided of course it doesn't aggravate you current status).

  exdragon 20:12 01 Feb 2003

For heaven's sake - if I can operate a computer, why can't I control a green tick?? I either click resolved and don't reply or reply and miss the tick.

Anyway, as usual, thanks for the comments. As I write, the MX700 is sitting here charging itself up nicely - glad someone recommended it, Grove34! It feels comfortable and has enough buttons to satisfy my soul.

Got it in PC World - the lad at the till got so excited when he saw it and asked if there were any more on the shelf. I really thought he was going to ask me to look after the till while he went and got one for himself. He even gave me his opinion of it - much along the lines of yours, Grove34

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