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  vaughan007 14:43 03 Jan 2003
  vaughan007 14:43 03 Jan 2003

Hello again,

OK, here goes. I own a Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer for Bluetooth (basically an optical wireless mouse). My mouse works very well, but I think I could get a little more performance from it if I used a better mouse pad. So then, my questions are basically this.....

1. What is the best type of mouse mat for an optical mouse?

2. Does the colour of the mouse mat make a huge difference and if it does which colour is best (light colours or dark colours)?

As ever, I am sure I will get some very worthwhile responses. So I thank you all in advance.


  cherria 14:48 03 Jan 2003

Sun microsystems used to make a special mouse mat for its optical mice. It had finely etched horizontal and vertical lines. As the mouse works by detecting changes in the surface, this provides precise control over the pointer.

  DieSse 14:50 03 Jan 2003

I certainly know that the colour will make a big difference. Black is almost unuseable - makes sense really - it relects very little light, inc infra-red. I would have thought a red mouse mat would likely be best - or a light coloured one.

  Mac & Beth 14:53 03 Jan 2003

Black is almost unuseable - not under my optical mouse its not!!

The only surface i've read about NOT to use is glass! In fact the smoother the surface the worse the response.

As for the colour I don't think it matters. A patterned or printed on might be better but any mouse mat should work.

  woodchip 15:00 03 Jan 2003

A4 paper try it

  Mac & Beth 15:02 03 Jan 2003

My wooden desk also works a treat!!!

  vaughan007 15:26 03 Jan 2003

From what I can gather from all your responses it appears that it depends on the mouse. All I know is that for my mouse red is torture and does not work as well as other colours. Seems my home printed patch work quilt of all different colours (mainly pale greens and yellows but not including any reds!) may have been the best bet after all. Starngely, optical mice work by tracking an image, so a pattern should better than plain but a highly complex pattern can cause problems, exactly why that is I am not sure. If we all keep giving suggestions perhaps we can eventually agree on the ideal best one!..........well......maybe!

  brianthesnail 15:30 03 Jan 2003

I use a piece of A4 white paper as woodchip does. I can scribble on it as well and throw it when it's tatty.


  doug 15:44 03 Jan 2003

Posted similar questiob myself, sometime back. Was it last year and people counting off the days all ready! My M$ intellimouse used to go doolally following the grain on my desk surface. Followed suggestions here and have finised up using A4 paper. The best so far is Kodak bright white inkjet. It's noice and smooth. As has been said by brianthesnail you, especially my Granddaughter, can scribble on it.

  Pilch.... 16:00 03 Jan 2003

i have a bit of A4 taped to my desk, for doodle's, file's, IP address and server's, and find it gets better the more you scribble!

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