Optical mouse

  fullywired23 15:58 30 Jan 2004

I have just got a new computer from Mesh and it's fine except for one thing .When I shut the computer down,the optical mouse stays lit,now to my mind that means the power is still going to the system.I have phoned Mesh who say that it's alright but I have another computer (also a mesh )with an optical mouse and that doesn't stay lit on shut down.What do you think?


  byfordr 16:03 30 Jan 2004

I've got a MX700 cordless mouse which flashes red when its sits on its cradle. This is because its got its own battery. If its a mouse with a tail, it could be drawing power from pc if it is left on standby. Do you unplug/turn off your pc at the wall or is it left in standby?

  fullywired23 16:18 30 Jan 2004

Thanks for the reply

No the computer is shut down but still plugged into the wall socket which is on


  Gemma 16:30 30 Jan 2004

Power Management: On a recent machine with power management enabled (98, ME, XP) the power button and power supply are more complex than they look. Off means power to the mobo is off except the LAN is kept alive and maybe the mouse / keyboard / serial port. This varies from PC to PC and is there to enable things like "wake on LAN" to work; if you have a power switch on the power supply itself (round the back), then turning this off will remove all power from the mobo. If the PC is on, a prod on the power switch sends a signal to Windows to start the shut down sequence (as if you had done a Start/Turn off/Turn off). If you press and hold the button for around 6 seconds, the power will drop and take Windows by surprise, leading to the visible disk scanning in 98 and ME and the more subtle clean up in XP.

There are settings in the BIOS and Windows (like hibernate etc.) that will determine the behaviour.

  fullywired23 17:34 30 Jan 2004

Thanks for your post.things are a little clearer now.It was just that I thought something was not right

  DAG88 18:05 30 Jan 2004

my friend's and father's optical mice stay lit when the PC is turned off where as mine dosen't.

I think it just depends on the motherboard

It is common, don't worry

  wags 18:10 30 Jan 2004

Funnily enough I have 2 Mesh PCs, one running 98SE and the other XP. Both have Microsoft optical mice - the one on the 98se machine is always glowing when the PC is off, whereas the XP machine stops glowing when off .I wouldn't worry.

  fullywired23 18:13 30 Jan 2004

Thanks to all who responded to my post.you have put my mind at rest


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