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  Benzo 02:25 03 Oct 2004

i have a few optical mice in my home and they all seem to have one thing in common, they all seem to randomly fly up to the corner of the screen when i am doing something (some more than others) as if i have moved the mouse very quickly, this can be annoyingif i am doing something as i have to move the mouse backdown to where it was, has anyone else had problems with optical mice or does anyone know a solution/what causes the problem.

Any Help Greatly Aprechiated,
Benzo F.

PS The mice in question are,

A packard bell, wired, optical mouse (ps2/usb) with interchangable covers.


A Typhoon RF, 5 Button, Optical Mouse

Thanx For Any Help!

  Benzo 02:40 03 Oct 2004


  Djohn 02:57 03 Oct 2004

Have you set your mouse to hide when typing?

  Djohn 02:59 03 Oct 2004

That should be. Have you set your mouse cursor to hide while typing?

  temp003 05:51 03 Oct 2004

Don't know whether this applies to your mouse, or is the cause of the problem, but for some mice the software provided gives you the option to "jump" (difficult to describe), i.e. if you go to the edge of the screen, it will then jump to the other side. Go to Control Panel, Mouse, and see if there's an option for this (or something similar). If so, disable it.

If this is not the cause of the problem, I would still go through Mouse Properties and see if there's any setting there which might have caused it.

  Tony 06:44 03 Oct 2004

This happens to ne every once in a while, in my case it's caused by one of my 2 small dogs who are always about and loosing hair, it just needs one hair to get trapped in the ir well and the mouse will jump from one place to another at random intavals, or in extreme case go mad alover the screen.

  y_not 06:54 03 Oct 2004

What surface is the mouse on?

Plain matt black or high gloss surfaces will cause the mouse to perform some strange movements (or not move at all).

  harps1h 07:52 03 Oct 2004

you try the logitech mx1000 lazer mouse. it is simply stunning

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