Optical drives blank after network disconnection

  Harrier man 09:58 07 Jan 2005

Over Christmas we had our 2 Evesham computers networked together. Since eldest returned to uni on Wednesday with his computer neither machine will access their respective CD or DVD drive. Drives either appear empty or computer asks for a CD to be inserted into the drive.

Evesham advised reassigning the drive letters, then uninstalling the drives and then rebooting. This has worked with limited success in that the CD drive appears to work for one session after the reboot but then reverts to being blank again. Evesham then advised to do a complete Windows reinstall.

Is Windows really so poor that it cannot cope with a network connection and disconnection? Is there really no solution other than a Windows reinstall. We are naturally dead against this, especially as we cannot back up files to a CD before hand.

  AndySD 10:19 07 Jan 2005

Have you tried removing the networking protocols you added from the pc.

Open Network Connections.

Click the connection on which you want to remove a network component the local area connection not your modem connection, and then, under Network Tasks, click Change settings of this connection, on the General tab, in This connection uses the following items, click the client, service, or protocol you want to remove, and then click Uninstall. Try removing File and printer sharing.

  Harrier man 16:30 07 Jan 2005

I have tried AndySD's solution; unfortunately things are no different.

Additional info that may or may not be relevant:
Elder son's computer was running on wireless network before he bought it home and connected to our cable network. There are 3 computers and a printer on the network. File sharing was set up between the 2 Evesham PCs. Boys played network games over the holidays.

  Harrier man 14:44 08 Jan 2005

Any other ideas anyone or do I need to spend my Sunday reloading Windows and all my files - again.

  AndySD 17:50 08 Jan 2005


  AndySD 17:58 08 Jan 2005

Do you have the full XP cd or a recovery disk?

  Harrier man 18:36 08 Jan 2005

Full XP CD. However, just been able to access both drives on this machine (haven't spoken with other son just yet). I will need to see if this is a one-off or permanent. I did do a 'Restart' of the computer yesterday after following your instructions but we had the machine switched off over-night. Could it be that your recommendations followed by a cold re-start may have done the trick? Fingers crossed.

  Harrier man 18:45 16 Jan 2005

Our machine seems to be okay and no moans from elder son so guess he has sorted his too. Thanks AndySD.

  Harrier man 14:52 27 Jan 2005

Relapse. After apparently working normally since 8 Jan, our computer has had a relapse and the problem returned as before, ie. CD appears empty and DVD drive says 'insert disc' when interogated by My Computer.

The only possibly related change within that time is that we had to download a trial version of Cyberlink Power DVD so my son could revise his Hazard Perception for his driving theory test. The trial version was v6 but only lasted 30 days so when we found the disc that came with the computer, we replaced v6 with that instead. It was version 4 but had no restrictions. A day or so after, which may have been the first time we had tried to use the CD or DVD drive, we had the problems. Of course, this may be a red herring.

I have rechecked AndySD's suggestion above but File and Print Sharing does has not reinstalled itself.

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