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Optical Drive Sometimes There - Sometimes Not!

  jimforrest 17:17 09 Apr 2015

I have a strange problem with my optical drive. It's a DVD writer. If I put a CD or DVD in it sometimes speeds up and reads it ok. I can then copy info from it etc. But sometimes it starts to speed up and then stops. This is constantly repeated for several minutes.

Using Windows Explorer, when the drive is playing up, it doesn't show on the L/H pane under Computer. It does show in the R/H pane with or without a CD in. If I click on the drive it starts and stops for several minutes before ejecting the tray. I put another drive in and it's the same - sometimes works and sometimes doesn't.

Any ideas?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:21 09 Apr 2015

Check connections are fully pressed home n rear of drive and at motherboard.

also try cleaning the drive with a DVD disk cleaner

  dangerus1 20:53 09 Apr 2015

I had the same trouble with an old Dell I bought off eBay to mess around with, as FruitBat has suggested the connections were loose to the DVDRW

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