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Optical Drive Needs Two presses To Open

  Gummomarx 01:14 26 Nov 2016

One of my drives is acting up. Not only does it take two presses to open, at the end of a burn, it tries to open but fails and then I have to press the button.

Any ideas, apart from replacing the drive (if it is the drive that's causing it)?

  mole44 04:50 26 Nov 2016

Uninstall the cd drives drivers then restart your machine that should let it reinstall the drivers and hopefully should solve your problem.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:18 26 Nov 2016

Hopefully mole44's answer will work,

also worth checking the connection cables are tight on the unit and motherboard as a loose cable may cause the problem.

but it sounds as if the tray mechanism may be jamming.

  Gummomarx 14:44 26 Nov 2016

I've done all that, comrades - no joy however.

Looks like I need a new drive.

Thanks for your suggestions.

  mole44 05:46 29 Nov 2016

we win some we loose some

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