optical connection for minidisc

  boon_intheuk 16:27 21 Feb 2006

An easy one for someone i'm sure, but.......... I have acquired a sony netmd mz-n505 minidisc player and it has an optical out socket, I dont have a lead so need to know what is required to connect it to my PC. I have sourced optical cables which include a 3.5mm adapter (I think you need the adapter for the minidisc end?)on Ebay. I have a philips audio PC card with various speaker inputs, and it also has an SPDIF out, is this the socket I need to plug the optical cable into and do I need an adapter for that end of the cable?
Any assistance will be most apreciated.
Thanks, Boon.

  Fingees 17:04 21 Feb 2006

Although SPDIF is a digital out, it's not optical, so how you convert it, I am afraid I dont know.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 17:17 21 Feb 2006

Optical connections are illuminated and have a removeable plug. I have them on my creative Audigy2 ZS platinum, take the plugs out and you see 2 red lightspots. I don't know what other cards are available that incorporate these connections.
s/PDIF is Sony phillips digital something or other.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 18:41 21 Feb 2006

The nightshift will soon be on I am sure someone will help.

  MIke 18:56 21 Feb 2006

I Have a MZ N510 and the optical connection is input only on my recorder.As far as I'm aware there are two sizes of plug and socket. The MD recorder has a mini toslink socket, your pc may have a mini or standard socket.(mine has a standard socket) Have a look here click here where you'll find toslink cables and adaptors to convert a standard cable to mini socket.As I said you'll need the mini end for your md player. I don't know if your MD player is the same as mine i.e optical input only not output. On my model to output from the player you need to use the headphone socket, with a suitable jackplug,as there is no line out.

My model also has a usb connector, and using this with Sony's Sonicstage software is by far the easiest way to get music onto your minidiscs.

I'm not sure if you can download sonicstage from Sony, or just get updates for existing software that came with the md.

  MIke 19:02 21 Feb 2006

Sonicstage available here click here

  MIke 19:03 21 Feb 2006

Just noticed that link says it's for US only sorry.

  MIke 19:09 21 Feb 2006

This is the EWurope site but as I said I'm not sure if you can only upgrade if you already have the software installed click here

  boon_intheuk 19:22 21 Feb 2006

It's actually help with a Sony MZ-R410 minidisc that I need because it only has an optical input, the MZ-N505 I have has both optical and USB and I have a USB cable, I am in the process of obtaining either Openmg or Sonicstage software to use with it.
So it does not look like I have the nessesary output on my PC.
I think I read that the playstation 2 has an optical socket, does that mean that I could play a CD in it and record with the minidisc? I wonder.....

  boon_intheuk 19:32 21 Feb 2006

Mike, has the "standard socket" on your PC got the red light spots that Hertz Van Rentyl mentions?

This address takes you to the Sony download site for the full download of "Open MG Jukebox" A friend is downloading it for me as I dont have broadband and ir is about 70 MB!
click here
(How do you do that "click here" thing?)

  Skills 19:42 21 Feb 2006

A friend of mine has used the optical connectors on a PS2 to a minidisk for recording. Apparently thou the copy you make will be copy protected thou so you wont be able to copy that minidisk but you might be able to take the tracks off onto sonic stage but it may still be copy protected.

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