Opinions..How much shall I sell it for?

  AMD 4 ever 15:34 13 Apr 2003

Hi All I have a spare PC that I have been meaning to shift it, just not go round to it.


Antec Case c/w HDD Fans and case fan

Pentium 4 1.6ghz

512MB Crucial DDR

Gigabyte GA-81RXP Mothrboard c/w RAID

Maxtor 40GB 7200rpm

Maxtor 20GB 7200rpm

Nvidia Geforce 4 MX440 64MB AGP

Creative Sound (Onboard)

56K PCI Modem

x4 USB 2.0

x4 USB 1.0

Sony CDRW 32*10*40


x2 Floppy Drives

All c/w Win XP OEM Home and OEM Sticker.

Any thoughts on what I should let it go for...?
Any comments welcome.

  AMD 4 ever 15:49 13 Apr 2003


  Legolas 16:28 13 Apr 2003

A fiver to me plus postage of course lol ;-). Seriously, it is good specs and sounds a good machine but computers just do not hold their value, why not try selling it on ebay and give it a reserve price of £450 and see what you get. You probably think it is worth more and it might be but as I said they just do not hold their value.

  AMD 4 ever 16:34 13 Apr 2003

Legolas I definately appreciate that, and in all fairness if I twas to get 450-500 that would be fine...I will stick it on ad see how it goes!
Prob go for a £1...DOH!

  Legolas 16:39 13 Apr 2003

AMD 4 ever it will sell better if you give a full descrition and a picture of the computer, plus is there a monitor with it? you dont mention that in your original post. I use ebay quite a lot and I never buy anything that has a poor descrition or no picture. Also remember and put a reserve price on it.

  Legolas 16:40 13 Apr 2003

I seem to be all out of p,s today descrition shoud of course read description.

  AMD 4 ever 16:43 13 Apr 2003

Yea thanks Legolas sound advise.
I have a few nice piccies so i will upload and get ebaying.
No monitor, but I have a 15" Compaq mon if Ineed to chuck that in to shift it.

  Joe McG 16:54 13 Apr 2003

AMD 4 ever,
around a year ago, your system would have cost £700-£800. Now I agree with Legolas, £450-£500, is the price you should hope for.

If you do an Fdisk, format and re-install an O/s,
with some decent software eg. utilities, photo and video-editing, and an office suite, I'm sure the ad would be more inviting for potential buyers.

Good luck with your sale. Joe.

  AMD 4 ever 17:13 13 Apr 2003

Joe McG. Thank you I have loads of utilities and software. Thanks.

  AMD 4 ever 19:24 13 Apr 2003

Thanks Guy's. I have put it on now.

Here is the link FYI.

click here

Cheers everyone. Lets see what i get?!

I take it you are supplying the Original Disks with the software? Office XP on that would certainly make it attractive, if legit......

One thing really puzzels me, why on earth do you have 2 floppies? These days I hardly ever have to use one and cannot, if I think about it, remember when I last did, let alone having 2!!!!!

Still, nice spec system and I am sure you will find a good deal of interest although the photo's could have been a bit clearer - I have a Digital camera I am thinking of putting on Ebay....maybe I could interest you...???

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